Can I Give My Baby Activia?

Can I give my baby Activia?If your baby has been having digestive issues, you might have considered giving them Activia yogurt to help regulate things. After all of the advertising that’s been done by Dannon to promote their new line of yogurt, it’s no wonder that this question has come up. So let’s see whether this is something that is good for them or not.

The yogurt is a pitched as a way of adding good bacteria to your digestive system to help keep things happy and moving freely. These days more and more attention has been placed on digestive enzymes and probiotics, and yogurt itself does contain live and active cultures that are supposed to help with digestion. The Activia label is simply trying to capitalize on this, and they’ve added extra good bacteria to it to help adults stay regular.

But what’s good for adults doesn’t necessarily translate to the infant world, and although yogurt seems like a natural choice for your baby since it’s easy for them to eat. It’s not really something they need early on in life, and relying on a big food corporation to feed your child is not usually a good idea. The high levels of sugar and fructose make this a no go for baby, and will negate any positive benefit the bacteria that is present.

Can I Give My Baby Activia? Answer: Not Recommended

The reason Activia makes sense for adults is that we don’t always eat the way we should, and our digestive system needs some assistance. With all of the processed and fried foods on the menu it’s easy for our good bacteria levels to get out of whack. It can also happen due to medications like antibiotics and other drugs, and restoring the natural intestinal flora can go a long way in bringing things back to normal.

But a baby shouldn’t have these imbalances, as long as you are giving them a nutritious diet suitable for their age and development level. They are fully equipped to keep things going well as long as you’re helping them meet their nutritional requirements. Using this as a quick fix for constipation, or to keep you baby regular is not a good idea. If they are having trouble keeping regular, you should discuss this with your pediatrician.

Does It Even Work?
Dannon settled a big claim made against it, saying that they didn’t want it to go to litigation because it would cost them more money. They stick by their claims that their yogurt helps with the digestive process, but those that filed the claim stated that Dannon’s own research didn’t support what they were saying in the ads. They ended up paying out millions of dollars, but they still keep their claims going on their website.

A Better Way for Babies
Your baby will naturally be making the right digestive enzymes and bacteria without your involvement. That’s the beauty of starting with a blank slate, it’s fully optimized and functioning on all cylinders, so as long as you don’t go throwing wrenches into the gears, it should operate fine. But let’s say that you’ve been a bit remiss in giving your baby a proper diet and you’re hoping to undo some of the damage that may have been caused by giving them Activia. This is still not a great idea, because it’s a processed food from a giant corporation, and not as natural as you might think,

Avoid the Sugar
What your baby will benefit from the most is getting food that is as close to the way nature intended as possible. The second ingredient listed on a pack of Activia is sugar. This isn’t sugar cane but rather industrial grade sugar. In fact, there’s 19 grams of it in one serving. This means that almost one fifth of it is sugar. This alone should make you think twice about giving it to your baby. They put so much sugar in it to make it taste good so adults will eat it, but you should carefully watch your baby’s sugar intake, especially the type of sugar found in processed foods.

Of course you can’t avoid these types of foods forever, and eventually they’ll be introduced to them, but there’s no reason to start so young.

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