Can I Give My Baby Advil?

Can I give my baby Advil?When your baby has a fever or you think they have a headache you might think about giving them an Advil. This is because most of us have some sort of pain reliever on hand, and it just makes sense that this would pop in your head as a possible fix.

Most of the time babies should not be giving OTC medication like Advil because it is not made for a baby. There is not Children’s Advil or infant Advil, which leads you to think that there must be something about it that is preventing them from making these variations.

You should not give your baby Advil until they are old enough, with most people saying it’s OK from 6 months on. We’d recommend not giving it to them even at that age because it’s just not something that is going to help them long term, and although you might feel like it is an emergency, in most instances it’s probably not, and most things that they are suffering from will go away on their own with time. So really you would only be treating them because of your own reasons, which is not good.

Can I Give My Baby Advil? Answer: Not Recommended

The general rule is no Ibuprofen before 6 months of age. But even after that there are better ways to take care of what is ailing your baby. You should first exhaust all of the natural remedies for pain relief before resorting to these over the counter drugs. If you get into the habit of medicating your child over every little problem they have, it can set them up to be dependent on quick fixes and treating symptoms without taking the time to find the underlying cause and treat that instead.

Other Alternatives
You might not like the idea of sitting idly by while your baby suffers, so you should start to consider other things that you can do to help them. If you suspect that they have a headache, you should try giving them a warm bath to try to soothe them. If they are running a fever you should take the steps necessary to reduce it. If you can’t get their temperature down, and it is at a level that is of concern, you may need to bring them too the hospital.

How About Tylenol?
Tylenol is a better option than Advil, and they make an infant formula so if you are in dire straights and have gone through all of your other options then you can consult with your doctor about the dosage and to see if it’s OK if your child is younger than the recommended age. We have a full write up on whether or not you should give your baby Tylenol.

A Good Parent
Sometimes it’s hard, because you want to do the best thing for your baby, and it can be so hard to watch them go through a rough time. But it’s just part of the human experience. Sometimes things don’t agree with us, either what we ate, or something we drank, or maybe we caught a bug or a virus, and we have a cold. It’s something that you suffer through, and then your immune system gets stronger and you get sick less and less and end up OK on the other end.

That’s why you don’t want to start treating symptoms at this young age, because the body will lose its natural ability to take care of itself, and you could be causing a small problem to get bigger over time since you are taking away your body’s signals that something is wrong. Many times it’s also the body’s way of fighting off a disease.

By raising the temperature of the body it is trying to kill off the offending germ and get things back to normal. It just doesn’t do these things for no reason. There’s always a reason for what the body does, and if you are always covering up the way it communicates to us, then you will lose touch of what is really going on and could be faced with a bigger problem later.

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rosemary January 22, 2013 at 11:53 pm

they do make infants advil for ages 6 months and up.


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