Can I Give My Baby Bacon?

Can I give my baby bacon?Bacon is delicious, few can argue, but is it something you can share with baby?

Having a baby can be a very exciting time for new parents. There is just something about cuddling up to a new baby, and everything the baby does melts the parents hearts. Even the late night feedings, the very frequent diaper changes, and the 2-3 hour feedings.

Having a new baby can be great, but there are some problems that may make it hard to handle and sometimes it can even be overwhelming. Eventually, the lack of sleep and energy will kick in and baby may be sleeping more but there will be times when they will cry excessively. Sometimes, there will be nothing you can do to soothe them, often times new moms cry along with their babies, because they cannot figure out what is wrong, and mom feels useless.

It may get easier as the baby gets older, it depends on the mother’s instincts and the baby as well. Feeding them was easy for the first few months, but as they get older they need solid foods. Babies start foods at different times, and it is often recommended by the pediatrician when they will start on solid foods. Parents must decide if they would like to feed them out of a jar or make baby food themselves. There is no wrong choice, and it will depend on what is more convenient and which one the parents would prefer.

Can I Give My Baby Bacon? Answer: No.

Bacon should not be given to a baby, it shouldn’t even be given to a healthy toddler. Bacon is full of sodium, grease, and fat. A healthy adult should not consume too much bacon, let alone a developing baby.

Starting solid foods can be exciting. Especially when the baby can start having foods with texture like macaroni and cheese, and chunky apple sauce. Usually these are stage 2 baby foods. Eventually the parents can start giving the baby food off their plate. However there are foods that baby should not have, and bacon is one of them. Babies need food their digestive system can handle, like certain fruits and vegetables, and lean meat that is mashed very well.

Making Proper Baby Food
Babies under a year mostly need breast milk or formula which will provide them with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. They will eventually get baby food, and it is usually started when they hit 6 months. Some babies may start sooner or later than others, which is fine. Doctors usually recommend starting them on a fruit or vegetable and feed it to them for a few days before starting a new one.

If a parent wants to prepare baby food themselves fruits and veggies should be used first. Later the parent can add meats as long as they are pureed well. Keep in mind many infants do not like the texture of meat at first. So it may take a few tries to get them to eat the meat. A few types should also be tried like chicken, turkey, and meats with little or no sodium, plus no added sodium whatsoever.

Sodium and Baby
Salt is one of those things that should be avoided in a baby’s diet, as well as toddlers and children. The sodium in bacon can cause high blood pressure and could even cause kidney failure. Why risk a sodium loaded food when feeding a baby or child? Sodium in small amounts is not going to harm a child but adding sodium to food plus feeding a baby a meal with high sodium is a bad idea. If a parent likes to use salt in their foods it is probably best to allow a child to eat canned baby foods until they get into their toddler years.

Greasy Foods and Baby
The best nutrients for a baby can be found in breast milk and formula. However, many parents do choose to feed their babies jarred baby food and food from the table. When feeding a baby it is important to remember they do not know how to chew foods really well and foods like bacon could risk choking. A parent should also keep in mind that babies can only handle so much. So foods like bacon could upset the stomach and bowels, and could make a very miserable baby and a miserable baby usually means miserable parents.

Healthy Diet Equals Happy Healthy Baby
Many children are becoming overweight and have other issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other problems that no child should have. A well-balanced diet starts at the time a parent begins to feed their baby.

A happy baby is usually healthy. There is no reason to give a child unhealthy foods. When a baby grows up he or she will likely eat healthy. Since that is what they were taught, and when they are adults and have children of their own they can pass their healthy decisions on to their children.

There are so many health problems that a baby can get thanks to genetics, so it is very important to know what problems run in a family and adjust accordingly. To learn more about feedings it is important to talk with a pediatrician since only they can provide the correct advice based on their experiences, education, and other patients.

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