Can I Give My Baby a Bath Every Day?

Can I give my baby a bath every day?Another item on the question list: can I give my baby a bath every day?

It is unfortunate that babies do not come with instruction manuals. There are so many questions new parents have when their babies are sent home with them for the first time. Everything is in question, from food to feeding times to clothes to naps. Everything.

The answer to this question depends entirely on the age of your baby. When your baby is a newborn, you should avoid giving them a regular bath for the first week. You need to wait until their umbilical cord stub falls off, otherwise you could cause an infection. If a bath is necessary, it must only be a sponge bath in very lukewarm water.

After your baby’s cord has fallen off, you can give them a regular bath. The frequency of your child’s baths is entirely up to you. If you want to give them a bath every day, that is fine. Remember though, that too much warm water to your baby’s skin could cause it to dry out. It is always a good idea to lotion your baby from head to toe after every bath to help keep moisture on their skin.

Can I Give My Baby a Bath Every Day? Answer: Yes.

Some people do not believe that a baby needs a bath every day until they start crawling. A child’s lack of mobility at a young age prevents them from getting too dirty. However, some people believe that a bath every day is necessary because babies tend to be messy eaters and sit in their dirty diapers for a good period of time.

No matter how often you decide to give your baby a bath, you need to always take precautions when your child is in the tub. There are many newborn-safe tubs available. These tubs tend to fit in the kitchen sink and do not let the bath water get too high. Some of these newborn tubs also have a thermometer attached so you know if the water is too hot or too cold.

Cautions and Concerns
You need to keep in mind that your child can drown in one inch of water, so you must never, under any circumstance, leave your child alone in the bathtub. A disaster can occur in the smallest amount of time.

It is also always best to bathe your baby with baby-safe products, such as soaps and shampoos. These products may be a bit pricier than those adults use, but they are safe for your baby’s skin and will not burn your baby’s eyes. If your baby has an allergic reaction from your soaps or shampoos, they may have sensitive skin. There are plenty of baby products out there for those with sensitive skin, or you can talk to your baby’s pediatrician for recommendations.

Washing Instructions
When washing your baby, make sure to get under their neck and inside all their crevices. Babies are little balls of fat when they are young, and dirt can get stuck in between their cute little rolls. Also, if your baby is a messy eater, milk or formula may drip from their mouth and pool under their necks. Always make sure to wash the most important parts of your child thoroughly to ensure they are clean.

Once your baby has mastered sitting up with support, you can move them into the regular tub. There are tub rings available to help your child sit upright without you having to hold them. This leaves both of your hands free to wash and play with your baby while in the tub. Even though your baby may have a support ring, you still should never leave him or her alone in the bathtub. Even though most of these tub rings have suction cups along the bottom, they are not entirely 100% effective and may topple over.

Umbilical Issues
Remember, before your baby’s umbilical cord stub falls off, you should withhold baths or stick to sponge baths only. Once your child is stub free, you can give them a bath however often you would like. Make sure to check the temperature of the water, and never leave your child alone while in the tub.

Also, it is a good idea to lotion your baby after each bath every day to keep their skin from getting dry. If you have any questions about how to give your baby a bath, what products to use, or how often would be best, you should discuss it with your child’s doctor. He or she will be able to discuss your concerns in more detail.

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