Can I Give My Baby Beeswax?

Can I give my baby beeswax?Beeswax is a natural substance secreted by worker bees or female bees using their wax glands. When freshly secreted, it is colorless but changes to other colors when other compounds are added like porpolis and pollen oil. It then becomes yellow or brown.

Natural does not always equate to safety. But with natural beeswax, there are no known side effects of using it so it is considered generally safe for everyone including babies. However, ingesting large portions of beeswax could be bad for the health. Since not many studies were made on this, there is no specific information on the safe amount of beeswax that can be ingested.

It is commonly used as an ingredient in various food products such as tea, coffee, chewing gum and candies. Consuming large amount of this may lead to intestinal blockage, though this is very uncommon. Furthermore, it can be easily treated with the use of laxatives.

Can I Give My Baby Beeswax? Answer: Yes

Beeswax is used on various baby products. Though not enough studies have been done on its side effects, there are also no reported problems with its use on babies. It is usually added to baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby wash and baby bum balm. Check their labels to know the proper application and the amount to give your baby. You may also ask your pediatrician regarding this. Other ingredients like essential oils are added to these baby products. Your pediatrician can determine if these ingredients are safe for your baby. However, trusted baby products that contain beeswax are often harmless to infants. Baby bum balm, baby wash and baby lotion can protect your baby’s skin, while baby shampoo can make your baby’s hair grow beautifully.

Beeswax for Hair and Skin
While you can use beeswax for removing unwanted hair, it can also be used for hair styling, as well as keeping your hair soft. You may find different hair wax products at a beauty store. Choose one that would fit your needs. Some of these products have strong hold making sure that your hair will stay in your preferred style throughout the day. However, if you would like your hair to look well polished but still soft, you may find one that is designed for this use. Their uses are printed on the labels so make sure to read them.

According to some research, beeswax could be beneficial in treating various skin infections and diseases, though no official result is yet released regarding this. It is used as an ingredient in different skin products like lotion and lip balm. Skin products with beeswax provide protection on the skin, as well as keep it moisturized. It has anti-inflammatory, non-allergenic and antioxidant properties, which are great for the skin.

Beeswax for Waxing
Beeswax is not only used in baby products. It can also be used by adults for waxing unwanted body hair. There are several body wax products that you can purchase, which are made from beeswax. They may come in jars, removal strips, as well as roll-ons for easy application. You may remove hair on your own or hire a professional to do it for you. If you decide to do it on your own, make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure safety and successful hair removal. There are waxing methods that require heating of wax to a certain temperature. It is important that the right temperature is achieved to prevent burning your skin.

You can make your own body wax at home. There are various recipes that you can find in books, as well as online for making this homemade product. One of the most common recipes used in creating a homemade body wax is combining beeswax, strawberries and honey. Apply wax to the designated area and let it cool. Pull away from the skin to remove unwanted hair. It will take several weeks before the hair will grow back so you can enjoy showing off some skin. Moreover, strawberries and honey have antibacterial properties, which can help heal wounds.

Other Uses of Beeswax
Aside from baby products, body wax, adult hair and skin products, beeswax has many other uses. It is also used for cosmetic products like eye shadow and eye liner. Candles are some of the most popular products made from beeswax, though other types of wax can also be used in making them. Other uses of beeswax are for crafts and musical instruments. It is used when painting Pysanky or Easter eggs in Ukraine, as well as for yarn painting. It is also used on woodwind instruments and the didgeridoo.

Beeswax is a natural product that has several uses. Make sure to purchase baby products made from all natural beeswax to prevent any side effects. If having second thoughts whether it is safe to use a certain product for your baby, it is always best to consult the pediatrician.

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