Can I Give My Baby Biscuits?

Can I give my baby biscuits?Biscuits usually enter into the realm of possibilities of what to feed your baby because they make their way into the family meal so often. Since they can be soft, and are easily broken up into small bite-sized pieces, they seem to be a good choice. But let’s look a little more closely to see if this is something baby should have.

While biscuits may be delicious, and offer a fantastic compliment to many home-cooked meals, they are not something that tops the list of foods to give to your baby. Perhaps when they turn two and they start eating more and more meals with the family, but not before then. There’s just really no need to, as it’s not really a health food by any means.

Most commercially sold biscuits will come with butter flavor already infused into them. There’s also varieties like Grands that are gigantic, and while heavy on the flavor are also heavy on the calories and fat. When it comes to what to give your baby there’s only two kinds of foods: foods that are good for your baby and promote optimum nutrition, and foods that don’t. Unfortunately, biscuits fall into this latter category.

Can I Give My Baby Biscuits? Answer: Not Recommended

The biscuits that make their way onto most dinner tables are not really something that babies should have. For example, Pilsbury biscuits that come in the tube have too many additives and preservatives in them to be good for a baby. If you’re going to make them on your own, you’ll probably use a mix like Bisquick, which is not very wholes either.

Basically, there’s nothing in biscuits that exceptionally good for your baby, so why give it to them? They should be getting foods that nourish their developing bodies, so give them foods that are closer to their source, like fruits, veggies, and limited amounts of meat. That will give them most all they need to grow and develop properly.

Mostly Just Filler and Cabs
Biscuits are nice for us adults because they round out the meal, and can be very delicious when eating something like biscuits and gravy, or spreading a good amount of butter and jam on them. But on their own they don’t really contribute much to a nourishing meal. You couldn’t make an entire meal out of them, because they are mostly just bread and carbohydrates.

Biscuit Alternatives
If you’re looking for something to balance out your baby’s meal, fruit is usually a good carb to go with. This keeps it more natural than going with a food that involves a lot of processing. You might not think that a biscuit is heavily processed, but it is made with flour, and flour is heavily processed. By opting for fruit instead, you are giving your baby something that is very close to nature, and retains a lot of its nutrients and benefits.

A Typical Meal for Baby
Once your baby is transitioning from baby food and moving onto solids, you now have a host of new questions on what to give them. Baby food is very straightforward, basically if it’s sold as baby food you know it’s probably alright to give to your child. But when they start eating solid foods a whole new world of possibilities arises. You might not even know what a typical meal might consist of, since you’re used to just opening a jar and warming it up.

The best way to picture it is by putting things down to a smaller scale, and giving your baby the kind of healthy meal that you would give yourself, a lean protein, a carb, and a vegetable. Just make sure that each of these is easy for them to digest. Based on how many teeth they have, you can either cube or mince the meat portion, and then use your best judgement on the carb and veggie. Steaming works best for most veggies, as it keeps their flavor and nutrients, but softens them up so they’re easy to chew and swallow.

By keeping things simple like this, and making it easy for your baby to pick up and eat, you are instilling good eating habits in them, while not depriving them of things either.

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Jeff April 25, 2013 at 4:29 am

Biscuits are all gluten, and should be avoided by all people, not just babies.


banu November 3, 2014 at 3:59 am

My son is 4 month old i want to give biscuit for him pls suggest which biscuit good for him.


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