Can I Give My Baby Blackberries?

Can I give my baby blackberries?Blackberries are a superfood with plenty of antioxidants, but they’re an often overlooked berry, taking a backseat to strawberries and blueberries. Are these berries something that you can give to your baby, and if so, at what age is it best?

Many of the foods that are good for adults also translate to being good for baby, but just be careful you don’t overdo it. While blackberries are very healthy, they might not be the best berry to start your baby off on. They can work their way to blackberries, perhaps starting off with strawberries and blueberries to see how well they handle them. The seeds from blackberries might be harder to digest for your little one.

It’s always a good idea to check first to see if a food is good for your baby, before simply playing the try it and see game. There isn’t a big allergy risk here, the biggest cause of concern most parents have is the seeds that are in blackberries. These may pass through your baby undigested, and is not an indication that they caused a problem. If your child has loose stools because of blackberries it may be a good idea to wait awhile before trying them again.

Can I Give My Baby Blackberries? Answer: From 6 Months

In previous generations it was advised to wait up to one year before giving your baby a food like blackberries. But recently they’ve determined that you can introduce these from 6 months if your baby is showing signs of being ready for them. Each baby is different so there’s no hard and fast rules. Use this as a guideline to help you make the decision. But you should start noticing that your baby is exhibiting the signs for solid foods, and once that happens you start giving them different foods to experience.

Organic for Baby
Save your baby from the pesticides and herbicides used in conventional farming by opting for organic blackberries instead. A recent study came out that said that organic products do not contain any extra nutrients than conventional products, but you buy organic foods for what they don’t contain. Since your baby is developing so much in their first year, it’s nice to start them off on the right food with foods that are free of as many chemicals as possible.

Health Benefits
There are plenty of health benefits to blackberries. They help keep your digestive tract clean, and have been shown to help the skin and eyes. They’re also helpful in preventing cancer. These benefits alone would make it worth giving your baby. But you can always start with other berries like blueberries and strawberries before introducing blueberries to them. LiveStrong points out other benefits including the fiber content which will help keep your baby regular, and the antioxidants as well.

Mixing Things Up
It’s always good to continuously try to shake up what your baby is eating. While it’s good to keep them on a regular diet, you can have a foundation set of foods they have each day, and introduce new offerings to them on a regular basis as well. This will give them a varied diet while also making sure they’re getting their essential needs met. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep breastfeeding even when your baby is eating solid foods.

Keeping Track of Baby’s Foods
We recommend setting up a food journal for your baby, broken down by food types such as fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, etc. Under each category you can list the different foods your baby has tried, how they responded to them, how they digested them, and whether there were any signs of an allergic reaction. Over time you’ll compile a list of foods that they enjoy, as well as a blacklist of foods that they didn’t react well to. As they get older and their tastes develop you simply start combining foods from the whitelist and you will give them a new taste sensation that they’ll be able to digest just fine.

As always, if you have further concerns as to whether blackberries are OK for your baby, consult with your doctor for individualized attention.

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