Can I Give My Baby Cabbage?

Can I give my baby cabbage?Cabbage is often lauded for its healthy benefits, including being high in fiber, but do these benefits also apply to your baby, and should this make their regular menu?

Cabbage is also brought up as a diet food for adults, but you don’t have to keep it from your baby if you don’t think they need to be on a diet. It’s just one of those vegetables that most adults don’t get too much of, and is seen as a diet food because of a Cabbage Diet that was popular some years back.

The nutrients and benefits of cabbage are something that can help your baby, keep them regular, and helps with many of their developing systems. It’s not easy to find in jar form at the store, so it’s best to make your own baby food with organic cabbages so you avoid pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed onto conventional crops.

Can I Give My Baby Cabbage? Answer: From 6 Months

At the six month mark your baby will likely be ready for solid foods, and cabbage can be one of them. The only real concern is that you’ll have to get it into a form that your baby can handle depending on their stage of development. If they’re still in baby food mode you’ll want to make sure that it’s pureed very well with no lumps, and if they’re grasping things and eating on their own you’ll want to make sure that it’s easy enough for them to chew up and swallow without trouble.

It’s a Superfood
Cabbage is no ordinary food, it’s a superfood, and it makes the top lists of the best foods you can eat. World’s Healthiest Foods lists all of the healthy features of cabbage, which include digestive tract support, as well as helping the cardiovascular system and preventing cancer. These aren’t necessarily things that should be of concern for babies, but it’s always good to start giving them wholesome foods early.

Preparation Suggestions
Because raw cabbage is so crunchy and chewy and would represent a choking hazard, it’s best to cook the cabbage before letting baby have some. The best way is to steam it, since this helps keep in its nutrients. But there are also plenty of recipes that you can try that show you how to incorporate cabbage into baby food. Once it’s cooked it’s a very versatile food and can be mashed up, or added to other foods your baby already enjoys as a way to make them healthier.

What About Eating Cabbage While Breastfeeding?
Another point to consider is whether or not to eat cabbage while you’re breastfeeding your baby, and before they can eat it themselves. Some moms worry that their baby will get too gassy if they have cabbage, since cruciferous vegetables are known to cause excess gas in some people. The good news is that you can eat this healthy food even if you are breastfeeding, and it will actually help to make your breast milk more nutritious, without passing along the gaseous properties to your baby.

Important Tips
Remember to keep feeding your baby breast milk for as long as you’re able and they’re willing. When you start to introduce foods like cabbage to them you should still be supplementing those meals with breast milk, or formula if you need to. Some moms think that starting off their baby on real foods means it time to wean them off of breast milk, but this is not the case.

Also, when venturing into new territory with new foods for baby you should keep a list of foods that they’ve had, and note how they responded to them. This comes in handy down the road when you’re trying to think of new food combinations. You can simply go to your notes and see what they enjoyed, and then consider combining foods that they’ve liked separately to see how they like them put together. It’s also a good way to come up with a list of foods your baby either doesn’t like, or has an adverse reaction to.

After several months you’ll have a pretty good idea of what sort of foods your baby likes, and you’ll have an easier time coming up with daily ideas of what to give them.

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