Can I Give My Baby Calpol

Can I give my baby calpolCALPOL® is the registered trademark name for products that do contain paracetamol and ibuprofen  and  have been used for generations of moms and dads  for their children when they felt unwell.  From stuffy noses and sore throats to aches and pains, teething and fevers,  Calpol medicine was and still is carefully developed to help you to take great care of your little one.

Can I Give My Baby Calpol? Yes

The use of Calpol over the years has proven to be an effective treatment that does assist little ones with their pains.  Each Calpol medicine has been specifically designed for children to offer them relief from any discomforts such as pain and fever.  Other medicines have been created in the Calpol range to assist with coughs, teething pain, and been designed specifically for children’s growing bodies.

Calpol is a common cause of accidental child poisoning, due to its pleasant taste.
Calpol also is available in tablet form, and as a syrup in sachets and bottles. Calpol sachets are sold in several different strengths, each appropriate for a different age range:

  •    0-5 Months (containing 0.5 mg of paracetamol per sachet)
  •   5-12 Months (containing 30 mg of paracetamol per sachet)
  •     1-2 Years (containing 50 mg of paracetamol per sachet)
  •    3-5 Years (containing 70 mg of paracetamol per sachet)
  •    6+ Years (containing 150 mg of paracetamol per sachet)

N.B. As with any medication that is sold over the counter do check with your doctor first prior to giving it to your little one.

Alternative Treatments to using Calpol

There are herbal remedies that can assist in relieving various types of pain in little ones.  Some of the remedies that are available can be obtained through a Naturopath, which  have been proven to be very effective in treating a little one. If you choose to go natural then do make sure that you do see a reputable Naturopath which you will be able to find one in your area  for your little ones needs.

Doctor Knows Best

If you are concerned about giving your little one over the counter medications and you are really not sure what is really wrong with your little one then to put your mind at rest then it is advisable that you do visit your local Doctor. In this way you will be able to obtain an opinion or  diagnosis of what is actually wrong with your little one even though you might think that you are only being too concerned. It is far better to be safe than sorry. So check with your doctor if Calpol is the medicine that will treat your baby’s condition.

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