Can I Give My Baby Organic Baby Food

can I give my baby organic baby food
The advantages and benefits of providing organic baby food for your little one are numerous, as they are produced without using conventional pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones. By choosing organic you are limiting the exposure  of these substances for your baby.

Can I Give My Baby Organic Baby Food Answer: Yes

There are many advantages and benefits in providing nutritious organic baby food  to your little one. You are providing food that for one is more nutritional and is also safer as it does not have any added chemicals or growth hormones added to it. Also it is environmentally friendly.

However what is really important is to provide a healthy balanced diet. By offering healthy food choices from the beginning will set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating for your little one.

The benefits of home made organic baby food.

When you start feeding your baby solid foods, you may want to consider feeding them healthy organic foods. There are many healthy pre-made organic options available in the supermarket. For many moms homemade organic baby food has become the more popular choice for parents who want to know exactly what goes into their baby’s mouth as opposed to buying organic foods available in the supermarket.

It is more economical to make your own baby food than buying prepackaged foods; you can also select your own fruits, vegetables and other foods for purees, rather than relying on flavors to be chosen by manufacturers.
Your baby will also get used to eating the same organic food as the rest of the family but in puree form.

Quick and easy to make

To make your own baby food should not take you hours to make it. Rather you can either quickly puree each meal that you have cooked for the family. Or alternatively you can steam a variety of vegetables and different types of fruits for desert. You can then puree different combinations and pour the contents into ice cube trays, freeze and keep them stored in the freezer compartment and use them as you need them. You will then have a variety of mixed purees of vegetables and fruits at your fingertips to give to baby but more importantly it is all organic and healthy.

Remember that if you are only introducing new foods to your baby, for example when they are starting out on solids, do not mix up too many fruits and vegetables together. You are looking out for reactions and if introducing more than one food at once it can be difficult to pin point which food caused the reaction.

Healthy food choices for a healthy baby

There are many parents that will use organic foods to make their baby food. Also there are many parents who will make homemade baby food and not use any organic food items but fresh produce from the supermarket or markets. Due to the many benefits of consuming organic produce we do recommend that you do your best in providing some organic baby meals throughout  the week. On top of that you can still use fresh vegetables and fruits that are non organic to make baby food. Just make sure that you do give them a thorough wash prior to cooking them.

Some people might tell you that it is all a waste of time if you are not using organic produce, do not let the inability to afford organics or the unavailability of them to stop you from cooking up fresh and wholesome baby foods. Using fresh and well cleansed non organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains is still acceptable. The most important thing to remember is that you are feeding your baby fresh foods that are either home made  organic baby food or fresh from the supermarket, which will help in developing good eating habits.

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