Can I Give My Baby Tabouli

Can I Give My Baby TabouliTabouli is also known as tabouleh and it is a nutritious salad that originated in Lebanon. It primarily is made up of parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, and olive oil, but other ingredients may be added such as cucumbers, mint, onion, garlic, lemon juice and salt. Sometimes couscous is used instead of bulgur. Tabouli has become a popular ethnic food in Western cultures especially in America. As there are many variations to tabouli a mom can use a recipe for tabouli that will best suit the needs of her family. Tabouli can be given to a baby that is 12 months or older as it is a very nutritious salad that the whole family can eat and enjoy.

Can I Give My Baby Tabouli? Answer: Yes From 12 Months

Due to the various herbs and vegetables that are used to make tabouli it makes a healthy choice of food to introduce to your little one after they have turned 12 months of age.It’s a flexible salad, you can make a tasty tabouli by adding or omitting ingredients to suit your little one. For example, some parents do not wish to give their baby salt or others feel that bulgar is too hard. You can reduce or omit the salt and you can substitute brown rice for the bulgar.

Why It Is  Best To Give Home Made Tabouli To Baby After They Are 12 Months Old.

Some of the ingredients such as tomato, garlic and lemon juice are acidic, and they can be hard on your little one’s digestion if introduced too early. When you introduce these ingredients to a little one who is older they are more likely to digest it more easily. If you introduce different combination foods too early and your child reacts it can be difficult to pin point which food caused your little one to react. Some babies will have a wheat allergy or intolerance which will make tabouli difficult or painful to digest. If you wait until they are at least 12 months old you are more likely to know if certain foods will trigger a reaction. It is also wise to give your baby only a small amount of tabouli to go with their meal, or you can give to baby as a snack making sure that you have added more cucumber and less tomato to the tabouli mix.

It is best to modify a tabouli recipe to meet the needs of your baby rather than buying a ready made one from the shop as there would be too much salt, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic that has been added which may not be best suited for your baby.

Why Tabouli Is A Healthy Food To Give To Baby

Due to the nutritious ingredients such as parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, mint etc. make for a healthy salad to give to your baby after the age of 12 months. Of course you can add the home made tabouli to other vegetables that you have prepared for baby’s dinner. Make sure that the ingredients that you are using to make the tabouli are finely chopped, as this will make it easier for baby to eat. If you have doubts about giving your baby tabouli as you are not sure if your baby has any allergies  or sensitivities to any of the herbs and vegetables check with your doctor or health care professional.

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