7 Foods That Could Be Making Your Child Gassy

Is Your Little One’s Diet Causing Infant Bloating and Discomfort? If you’re worried about your little one’s infant bloating or that they may be suffering from constipation, you may be surprised that their diet could be contributing. Everyone reacts differently to the food they eat. While there are standard things that we know, like beans […]

Help! I Can’t Poo Review

Guide To Infant And Child Constipation Review Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need to do for infant and child constipation. You can ask friends and family or try going to Google and searching online when your infant or toddler is constipated… Goodness knows I’ve seen and read a lot about trying to […]

Can I Give My Baby Diarrhea?

As a new parent you might wonder if it’s possible to give your baby diarrhea, either by passing along your stomach bug, or by feeding them the wrong foods at the wrong time. We’re here to help you steer clear of inadvertently giving your baby stomach trouble. As adults it’s pretty easy to tell when […]

Can I Give My Baby Miralax?

A constipated baby can be a cranky baby which may lead you to consider giving them Miralax. When our child is constipated, they are often in pain—bloating, stomach upset, maybe even gassy. But unless your child is a toddler, your baby cannot tell you what is bothering him or her, which makes assessing their constipation […]

Can I Give My Baby Sugar Water?

Sugar water has long been thought of as OK to give your baby, but should you? When it comes to your baby’s health, it is sometimes hard to decide what foods and drinks are healthy and which are not. Being a parent is a difficult task (especially if it is your first child), and making […]

Can I Give My Baby Lactulose?

Your parents might have used it, but should you give your baby lactulose? Nobody likes to feel constipated. When it occurs, we are always turning to a specific product or home remedy to cure it. So what should we do when our child is constipated? Can they use the same products and remedies we do? […]