Can I Give My Baby Hot Chocolate?

Hot chocolate becomes a sort of staple food when the weather turns cold, and you might be wondering if your baby can partake in this seasonal tradition. Of course you don’t want it to be so hot that it burns their tongue, but are there any other reasons not to go ahead with it? The […]

Can I Give My Baby Expressed Milk?

Wondering if and when expressed milk is OK for your baby? There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to breastfeeding and using expressed milk, either in a cup or from a bottle. Most moms and doctors agree that breastfeeding is the single most important thing you can do to make sure […]

Can I Give My Baby Ginger Ale?

People drink ginger ale to help their tummies feel better, but is this something that will settle your baby’s stomach, or will it just make matters worse. Some parents will pretty much give their kids anything and see what happens, and also have no trouble telling other moms that it’s OK. That’s why you should […]

Can I Give My Baby Cranberry Juice?

If your baby is suffering from a urinary tract infection, you might consider giving them some cranberry juice. Then it might occur to you that can this juice might not be the best thing in a world for them to have, depending on how old they are. Cranberry juice is pretty tart, and might upset […]

Can I Give My Baby a Sippy Cup?

Babies undeniably have a special connection with their bottles, but with age comes many transitions and switching over to a sippy cup is one of them. Learning to let go of their dependency towards a baby bottle and adapting to a new method of taking in fluids might just be one of the hardest experiences […]

Can I Give My Baby Chocolate Milk?

Chocolate milk is a staple in many homes across the country, but this doesn’t necessarily make it something the whole family can have. When you’re baby is ready to start drinking milk, are they also ready to start having chocolate milk? There are a few concerns here that you must keep in mind when making […]