Can I Give My Baby Green Tea?

Most of us are aware of all of the positive health benefits to drinking green tea, but do these transfer over to babies as well? Green tea has been shown to reduce the spread of free radicals, which can help prevent the spread of cancer, and also to help maintain proper weight levels. As parents […]

Can I Give My Baby Tap Water?

Is tap water safe for your baby? Babies do not come with an instruction manual. The closest thing we have is a pediatrician and instincts. Unfortunately, our instincts are always accurate and our pediatricians cannot be there holding our hand for every little thing. Many parents worry over the silliest thing like, “shouldn’t the umbilical […]

Can I Give My Baby Peppermint Tea?

As adults, we may regularly or occasionally enjoy a nice cup of tea, or herbal versions like peppermint tea. Some people enjoy tea every day, while others may only enjoy it when they are sick. As we are sipping on our tasty beverage, we may wonder when it would be okay for our child to […]

Can I Give My Baby Tea?

Sometimes, a nice cup of tea is exactly what we need. Whether it is to quench our thirst, to help us feel better when we are sick, or just to have, tea is a tasty beverage found in the home of many people across the globe. Certain types of teas are believed to have health […]

Can I Give My Baby Evaporated Milk?

In a pinch you might consider giving your baby evaporated milk, but is it safe? When it comes to the health of our child, we often wonder what foods and drinks are the healthiest and safest for our baby. There are so many products out there that we are told to avoid and so many […]

Can I Give My Baby Carrot Juice?

Everyone knows carrots are healthy, but is carrot juice something that’s good for your baby? As parents, we have so many questions about the food and drinks that our babies can have. We want to ensure they are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy growth and development while also making sure […]