Can I Give My Baby Too Much Milk?

Parents know that milk is great for their babies, which is why we give it to them, but is it possible to give too much milk? Not only does milk help them grow big and strong, but it provides them with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy growth and development. So is it possible to […]

Can I Give My Baby Orange Juice?

While we as parents know that breast milk or formula are the best source of nutrients for our child, we often wonder when we can add a little flavor to their diet, like the sweetness of orange juice. When our children start consuming solid foods around four to six months of age, that is around […]

Can I Give My Baby Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk seems healthy and as parents, we are always trying to ensure we give our children the healthiest foods and drinks. As infants and toddlers, your child needs certain foods for healthy growth and development, and milk is one of them. But what are you supposed to do if your child has a dairy […]

Can I Give My Baby Alcohol?

As adults, we know what alcohol can do to our bodies. While it may give you courage to be more personable, it has negative effects on your vision, speech and overall health. Consuming too much alcohol as an adult can be very harmful to your liver, resulting in liver failure. Due to the aforementioned information, […]

Can I Give My Baby Bottled Water?

When it comes time to give your baby bottled water, or when deciding which type of water to mix with formula, it can be a very stressful topic. With so many choices—pure, distilled, mineral, tap—how do you know which to choose? First off, it is important to know that babies do not need water alone. […]

Can I Give My Baby Herbal Teas?

Herbal teas sound healthy enough, but are they something that should be given to your baby? As a parent, we are often overwhelmed with the decisions we have to make for our children. Since they do not come with instruction manuals at birth, it is up to us to learn and decide what they eat, […]