Can I Give My Baby Orange Juice?

While we as parents know that breast milk or formula are the best source of nutrients for our child, we often wonder when we can add a little flavor to their diet, like the sweetness of orange juice. When our children start consuming solid foods around four to six months of age, that is around […]

Can I Give My Baby Pedialyte?

Pedialyte can help when your child is suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, they are losing all of the vitamins and minerals they have consumed, causing their bodies to become dehydrated. Dehydration is a serious problem, especially in young babies. If a child under one year of age becomes dehydrated, it usually results in a trip […]

Can I Give My Baby Olive Oil?

The health benefits of olive oil are well known, but do they relate to babies as well? This oil is considered a natural product and parents often want to know two things: Can you feed a baby olive oil? Can you massage a baby with olive oil? Can I Give My Baby Olive Oil? Answer: […]

Can I Give My Baby Greek Yogurt?

Introducing dairy products, including Greek yogurt, is one of the biggest sources of confusion for parents. There is a great deal of conflicting advice and a general “no dairy until 1 year” rule advised by pediatricians. What many people neglect to tell new parents is that this rule is generally targeted to whole milk.  Cow’s […]

Can I Give My Baby Almond Milk?

Does almond milk have the proper nutritional make-up for your baby? In order for your baby to grow and develop properly, they need to consume the right amount of fats, vitamins and minerals. Before your child’s first birthday, the nutrients they receive from formula or breast milk is the exact kind and amount to remain […]