7 Foods That Could Be Making Your Child Gassy

Is Your Little One’s Diet Causing Infant Bloating and Discomfort? If you’re worried about your little one’s infant bloating or that they may be suffering from constipation, you may be surprised that their diet could be contributing. Everyone reacts differently to the food they eat. While there are standard things that we know, like beans […]

Can I Give My Baby A Peach

When thinking of giving your baby a peach, what you will need to know is that you are giving baby a healthy fruit that is rich in beta carotene and potassium. The natural sweet flavor of a peach makes it ideal to introduce as a first fruit to baby. You could also consider providing a […]

When Can I Put My Baby In A High Chair

There is no hard and fast rule that every parent should stick to a certain age for baby when it comes to putting a baby into a high chair. All babies are unique and will achieve their milestones at different months, some faster, some slower, therefore babies should never be compared. When baby is able […]

Can I Give My Baby Quorn

There are many moms who are vegetarian and want to know if they can give their baby Quorn. It’s a brand name that makes vegetarian products out of  Mycoprotein, a nutritious meat free protein. This protein  is a member of the fungi family and is naturally low in fat while being high in protein and […]

Can I Give My Baby Coconut

Ripe coconut meat is very hard therefore it would make it difficult for your little one to consume. There are other ways that you can include coconut in your baby’s diet, and they are delicious! Can I give baby coconut? Answer: Yes from 8 months with care You can feed a baby coconut water, coconut […]

Can I Give My Baby Cereal

Baby’s first introduction to food is usually rice, barley or oatmeal cereal this is due to the high iron content. Some mothers that do breast feed their babies will start giving barley cereal as this will help keep the stools soft. So in most instances babies first food would be a cereal. Remember, always consult […]