7 Ideas To Prevent A Tantrum

Tips To Prevent A Tantrum Altogether Childhood melt downs are messy, but they are a fact of childhood. Kids aged between one and four haven’t learnt the coping skills yet to understand how to communicate their wants and needs, they tend to just lose it instead. All tantrums stem from one thing, not getting what […]

10 tips to beat tantrums

Dealing With A Tantrum Like any good battle commander, you must have a plan. Dealing with a tantrum is stressful, especially when its in public. But if you have a plan and you focus on your strategy rather than the tantrum you will be able to keep your cool and deal with it much more […]

What is BPA? Should I be worried about it in regards to my baby?

BPA In The Plastics You Use For Your Baby There has been considerable media exposure on BPA and the dangers of BPA in the plastics we use everyday, including infant products and accessories. BPA is the acronym for bisphenol A, a chemical which has been used since the sixties in some plastics. These plastics are […]

Legal Drinking Age

Quite a few people are asking when they can give their baby whiskey, vodka, wine, beer, bourbon and other alcohols. If you’re confused about when you can give your little one alcohol the answer is straightforward: When Can I Give My Baby Alcohol? When They Reach The Legal Drinking Age Any alcohol consumption affects the […]

Can I Give My Baby Lemsip

Many moms who catch a cold will take Lemsip to help alleviate their symptoms, looking after a baby is hard enough work without cold and flu symptoms! But should you give it to your little one? Can I Give My Baby Lemsip? Answer No. Lemsip cannot be given to babies, infants or children under the […]

Can I Give My Baby Thrush

Thrush is a yeast infection which can easily be transferred by a breast feeding mom to her baby or through a change in an infant’s environment. A baby that is bottle fed can also easily get a yeast infection. Oral thrush is a common infection in infants; it will cause irritation in and around a […]