Can I Give My Baby Teething Tablets?

Teething tablets have long been used by moms that want to do something about the pain and suffering their babies go through while teething. Certainly you want to make sure that your baby feels good as often as possible, but there are certain things that are unavoidable, and getting their teeth is one of them. […]

Can I Give My Baby Albuterol?

If your baby is having trouble breathing, you might have considered giving them albuterol. This is a rather strong drug that is used to help relax the airways and open the air flow to the lungs so a person can breath easier. Perhaps nothing is more troubling than if your baby is having trouble breathing. […]

Can I Give My Baby Gas Drops?

If your baby has gas, you might have heard that gas drops can help. You might also be wondering if it’s OK to give something like that to your baby, especially if they’re very young. Of course with something like gas drops you’re going to get some moms that say it’s OK, and some that […]

Can I Give My Baby Claritin?

Claritin is a drug that used to be by prescription only, and is now available over the counter to treat allergies. Some parents wonder if it’s OK to give to their babies, since it’s so effective for their own allergies. It’s very convenient to be able to treat your baby at home with your own […]

Can I Give My Baby Eczema?

If you’ve come down with a case of eczema of course you’d wonder if your baby is at risk for getting it as well. There’s good news and bad news on this one, and the good news is you can’t spread it to your baby like a virus. The bad news is that they may […]

Can I Give My Baby Vicks VapoRub?

Vicks VapoRub may stir up some nostalgia from when your mother used it on you, but at what age is it OK for use on your baby? Watching them struggle with congestion can be hard, and you want to soothe them, but you don’t want to make their condition worse, or have them suffer from […]