Milk Alternatives

Can I Give My Baby Hemp Milk?

Hemp milk is a milky substance derived from hemp seeds, the same seeds that will grow into marijuana if allowed to. As an alternative to milk, some moms are wondering if they can give their baby this, or if there are any reasons not to do so. Getting over the fact that this is derived […]

Can I Give My Baby Too Much Milk?

Parents know that milk is great for their babies, which is why we give it to them, but is it possible to give too much milk? Not only does milk help them grow big and strong, but it provides them with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy growth and development. So is it possible to […]

Can I Give My Baby Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk seems healthy and as parents, we are always trying to ensure we give our children the healthiest foods and drinks. As infants and toddlers, your child needs certain foods for healthy growth and development, and milk is one of them. But what are you supposed to do if your child has a dairy […]

Can I Give My Baby Skim Milk?

As your child grows and develops, he or she needs essential vitamins and nutrients to ensure they remain on a very healthy track, but does skim milk have these? Before your child’s first birthday, the majority of these essential vitamins and nutrients are consumed through formula or breast milk. Once your child has celebrated their […]

Can I Give My Baby Lactose Free Milk?

Is lactose free milk an option for your baby? After your child’s first birthday, he or she is ready to drink milk instead of formula. This can be an exciting time for you and your baby, but what happens if the transition does not go very well? Let’s say you have a baby who seems […]

Can I Give My Baby Almond Milk?

Does almond milk have the proper nutritional make-up for your baby? In order for your baby to grow and develop properly, they need to consume the right amount of fats, vitamins and minerals. Before your child’s first birthday, the nutrients they receive from formula or breast milk is the exact kind and amount to remain […]