Can I Give My Baby Deodorant?

Most parents revel in that new baby smell, but sometimes they can start to produce an odor that isn’t as appealing, and you might consider using deodorant. Caring for your baby involves much more than simply changing diapers and feeding them. You have to think of them as being surrounded by a bubble, and it’s […]

Can I Give My Baby Beeswax?

Beeswax is a natural substance secreted by worker bees or female bees using their wax glands. When freshly secreted, it is colorless but changes to other colors when other compounds are added like porpolis and pollen oil. It then becomes yellow or brown. Natural does not always equate to safety. But with natural beeswax, there […]

When Can I Give My Baby a Haircut?

There are certainly “firsts” to everything, and a baby’s first haircut is one of them. A lot of new mothers seem to constantly ask themselves how they can deal with their new babies. Well-intentioned friends and other mothers gladly give advice, though a lot of them can be conflicting. Finding out for sure which advice […]

Can I Give My Baby ChapStick?

When your baby’s lips get chapped, you might think of giving them some ChapStick or other lip balm, but is this a good idea, or can it cause them problems? Our findings indicate that you wouldn’t want to use ChapStick on your baby, because the ingredients it contains are mostly chemicals, dyes, and artificial. There […]

Can I Give My Baby a Blanket to Sleep With?

When the sun goes down and the stars begin to appear, many questions arise regarding a baby’s bedtime regime, but one question lingers in the minds of every parent and that is if their baby can sleep with a blanket. Infants do not have the dexterity to remove objects such as a blanket away from […]

How Early Can I Give My Baby a Pacifier?

Many parents have relied on the use of a pacifier to calm and soothe their baby during their fussy times. Making sure that your baby is comfortable is your top priority, and a lot of dads and moms have found the pacifier to be very helpful in doing this. Although some babies are easily calmed […]