At What Age Can I Give My Baby a Pillow?

It may seem like you are depriving your baby of a better sleep by not giving them a pillow. So at what age is it alright for them to sleep with a pillow in their crib, and what sort of pillow is best to give them at first. When Can I Give My Baby a […]

Can I Give My Baby My Maiden Name?

Is your maiden name OK for your baby? Naming your child can be a stressful time for parents. The name you give your child will stay with them forever, so most parents spend a great deal of time discussing the various options. Some parents choose something exotic, some parents choose something that has been in […]

What Can I Give My Baby?

Need Help Fast To Know “What Can I Give My Baby?” Click on the category links below for more information   Babies grow rapidly in their first year – and you’ll be faced with the question “what can I give my baby” in what feels like the blink of an eye.  It’s a very pressing […]

Can I Give My Baby a Different Last Name?

Many moms-to-be wonder can I give my baby a different last name? This page refers to the naming laws in the United States. Many countries have their own set of regulations, so please narrow your search to your respective country for the most accurate information. This can be an emotionally charged topic if things aren’t […]