Can I Give My Baby ChapStick?

Can I give my baby Chapstick?When your baby’s lips get chapped, you might think of giving them some ChapStick or other lip balm, but is this a good idea, or can it cause them problems?

Our findings indicate that you wouldn’t want to use ChapStick on your baby, because the ingredients it contains are mostly chemicals, dyes, and artificial. There are better, more natural ingredients, including lanolin that are better suited to helping them. It’s always a matter of using products that won’t disrupt your baby’s developing body.

We also discuss how to help prevent their lips from chapping up again, and identify many potential causes for why their lips are chapped in the first place. Knowing as much as you can about the problem will help you avoid it in the future. Once you come up with the right system for handling chapped lips it won’t be a big problem, and you’ll be able to help your baby get over it quickly.

Can I Give My Baby ChapStick? Answer: Not Recommended

It’s not a good idea to give your baby ChapStick, as they’ll likely end up ingesting some of it, and the ingredients are not something you’d want to introduce to a new baby. Some versions of ChapStick contain controversial ingredients, while others will contain several ingredients that are hard to pronounce, with artificial colors and flavoring as well. It’s definitely not manufactured with babies in mind, and while it might do the trick for adults, we generally keep it on our lips and not in our mouths.

Better Alternatives
One suggestion that seems to work well is to take no action and let the problem heal on its own. Your baby’s system is still developing and you want to make sure you’re not over-treating them by helping them through a problem that can clear up by itself. There will be plenty of problems your baby will experience in their first year, and you’ll become adept at deciding what needs to be treated, and what can be left alone.

Many parents recommend using Vaseline or petroleum jelly for chapped lips. But while this may be good for moisturizing the skin, it’s not something you’d want your baby to ingest, so it’s getting the no-go along with ChapStick.

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips
LiveStrong recommends using lanolin for your baby’s chapped lips, and they say it’s even safe for use on newborns. This would be a better option than ChapStick or Vaseline.

Preventing Chapped Lips in Babies
It’s sometimes hard to stop a baby’s lips from getting chapped, especially if you’re in a climate that is harsh, with dry air or cold winds. You can try using a humidifier if you’ve noticed that the air in your home is dry. Be sure to cover baby’s face when they go outside in cold, wintry conditions. Just a little bit of cold wind is enough to cause the otherwise supple lips of a baby to go dry and get chapped.

Causes of Chapped Lips
Chapped lips can occur for any number of reasons, but they’re typically a result of the indoor or outdoor climate. If you notice that your baby is licking their lips frequently this can exacerbate the problem, making them even more chapped than they would otherwise be. It could also be a sign of dehydration, so you’ll want to be sure to breastfeed your baby as much as you can. Perhaps your baby has a stuffy nose and they are breathing through their mouth more often than usual, which would lead to increased chapping.

Have you fed your baby citrus fruits lately? That’s one potential cause of chapped lips, as the citric acid acts to dry them up. It could also be an allergic reaction to something they ate or were exposed to. That’s why we recommend keeping a food journal so you can easily trace back their meals to potentially locate a troublesome food.

Typically chapped lips will pass in time, and as long as you determine what’s causing them and take preventive measures you shouldn’t have a problem going forward. A few cases of chapped lips and you’ll be a pro at helping your baby through it.

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S. Mom April 22, 2014 at 11:32 am

I personally use lanolin nipple ointment for my daughters chapped lips. It is safe for baby to injest and works great!!


Lisa Natoli January 8, 2015 at 3:52 pm

Will coconut oil work


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