Can I Give My Baby a Cheeseburger?

Can I give my baby a cheeseburger?If you’re having a cheeseburger and you’re thinking of sharing some with your baby, you might want to reconsider. There may be some bits of it that are passable, but for the most part it’s something that you should hold off on for some time.

Most of us know that cheeseburgers are that “once in awhile” food because they’re not exactly healthy for us. But they taste so good that it’s hard to resist them completely, or go too long before having a refresher course. It’s understood that they’re fattening, and that they’re bad for the heart. These two reasons alone are enough to make you want to keep them from your little one.

Your baby will not be moving around enough to burn up the calories and fat that comes in a cheeseburger. That’s another reason to wait until they get more active before letting them enjoy their first cheeseburger. But there are steps you can take to make sure that when they do have one, it will be full of foods they can handle. We explain more below, but to get you started you can start keeping track of the foods that go into a cheeseburger, and then you can custom craft one later for them.

Can I Give My Baby a Cheeseburger? Answer: Not Recommended

There are much better meal options for your baby than a cheeseburger. Some moms will simply break off a bit of the bun and let their baby eat that. Others will make sure that they’re just giving their baby a bit of the beef patty. You’ll want to make sure that they have the ability to chew up and swallow whatever you do give them.

Fast Food Fare
If you are considering giving your baby a fast food cheeseburger, like the ones from the big two McDonald’s and Burger King, you should definitely not. These are loaded with trans fat, as well as extra chemicals and additives that were created to make it taste better and get you hooked. They’re also low quality, and you simply don’t know what all is in them. When you do share a cheeseburger with your child, make sure that you make it at home so you can have quality control over what’s going in.

The Bad Fat
Cheeseburgers contain the kinds of fat that doctors warn their patients about. This is the kind that clogs arteries and leads to significant health problems if consumed regularly enough. There are good fats and bad fats, good fats like the ones in avocados actually help the body and can help to lose weight. Bad fats make us fat and in most instances should be avoided.

Several Ingredients
Cheeseburgers also contain a lot of different ingredients depending on the topping and condiments. This increases the chances of your baby having a bad reaction to one of them. For example, many cheeseburgers come with ketchup on them. This means they’ll have a good dose of sugar and potentially High Fructose Corn Syrup if it’s a brand like Heinz. Or it might have mustard on it, and your baby won’t be able to take the strong taste.

Many cheeseburgers come with diced onions, pickles, and tomatoes on them. These ingredients are not tolerated well by many babies in their first year, and are another reason why you should not give your baby a cheeseburger.

The Importance of Keeping a Food Journal
We always recommended documenting the food you give your baby, which helps to develop a list of foods that they can eat with no problems. That way you always know what they can and can’t have, and you can introduce new foods to them one at a time and note how they react to them. That way you can introduce the bun to them and see how they digest it. You can then introduce cheese to them and check for lactose intolerance. You can see how they handle beef as well as the toppings and condiments, and after awhile they’ll be ready for the entire thing.

We’d still recommend waiting until they get to be in their terrible twos, since they will now be active enough to burn off the fat and calories that come with cheeseburgers.

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