Can I Give My Baby Cherries?

Can I give my baby cherries?Cherries are one of those food items that seems to pop up in artificial form a lot, but how about the real thing, is that something you can give your baby?

It’s always this to breast-feed her baby for as long as you can, and then switch to formula, baby cereals, and eventually working your way to solid foods. When your baby starts getting their teeth in you can start to introduce new foods to them, and cherries will eventually find their way onto the menu. At the right time, prepared correctly, cherries represent a nutritious and delicious way to give your baby calcium.

And while cherries might be really good for your baby, be sure to mix it up because there are plenty of other fruits that they can enjoy and experience, and it’s always good to give them a wide array of different foods. It is nice that cherries don’t usually come with an allergic reaction, but you’ll still want to follow the same steps that you do with any new food being introduced, by giving it to them away from any other new foods and then checking for any signs of sensitivity.

Can I Give My Baby Cherries? Answer: After 8 Months

Eight months is the general rule, but remember: all babies are different, and only you will know what stage of their development they are in, and you can adjust it accordingly. If you believe that your baby is ready for eight months, then it is perfectly fine to wait. Giving them to her baby before the eight-month mark is still your call, but it is not really recommended.

Nutritional Value
Cherries pack a nutritious punch, which is why you’ll want to keep them on your baby’s list of foods that should make a regular rotation. Depending on who you ask it’s classified as either a superfood or a superfruit, so it’s not something you want to overlook. Giving your baby whole food sources of vitamins and minerals is really important, and it’s good that you are looking into this food as a potential source of nutrients for your young one.

Cherries contain antioxidants, they can help regulate melatonin which helps with the sleep cycles, they’re big on Vitamin A, C, and E. They’ve also got fiber in them, which will help with their regularity. This also means you don’t want to overdo it if your baby is already regular, as it might push things to the more than regular level.

The Pits
Of course you’ll want to remember to take out the pits before giving your baby cherries. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but in all likelihood you’ll probably be cutting the cherries up before you give them your baby. Being extra careful is important here, and removing the pits before cutting them up is a good idea. Use your fingers so you can feel for any pieces that might have broken off. Your baby will try not to swallow these harder pieces of pit if they make their way into the batch, but it could happen than they end up swallowing them, which wouldn’t be pleasant.

Choking Concerns
Regardless of how old your baby is, you’ll still want to cut up the cherries before serving them, at least in half. The younger your baby is, the more you’ll want to slice them up, and you can even purée them so they have an easy time digesting them when you first introduce them. As they get older you can cut them up less and less, eventually to the point where you can safely give them half a cherry to gnaw up.

Aside from the round shape of a cherry, it’s also the skin that can pose a problem. The skin covering a cherry can be pretty thick and hard for them to chew up. That’s why it’s best to but them up or blend them up for your baby to make sure that they’re not swallowing them too soon.

Have fun as a new parent trying to learn what your baby likes and doesn’t, and what’s good for them and isn’t. Before long they’ll be eating what the rest of the family eats, and this time will have passed, so soak up the moments while they’re here.

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