Can I Give My Baby Chicken Soup?

Can I give my baby chicken soup?When you’re baby gets sick you might think of the standard staple of chicken soup. They say it’s good for the soul, and good for what ails you, but how about for babies? Will it help them get over what’s making them sick, or will it actually cause more problems on its own?

There’s actually some science behind giving chicken soup to a sick person, it’s not just an old wive’s tale. The protein from the chicken mixed with the nutrients in the vegetables, combine to form a pretty healthy meal. Plus it’s served hot, so it warms the body. The salt replaces enzymes that are typically depleted from being sick.

But that’s for grown ups, for babies the game is a lot different, especially if they are considered a newborn. If your baby is a newborn or an infant, they probably won’t be able to digest all of what’s included in chicken soup, so you should probably avoid it. There are better avenues to take when it comes to providing your baby with the proper nourishment to help them conquer one of their first colds.

Can I Give My Baby Chicken Soup? Answer: Not Recommended

Depending on how old your baby is, they may or may not be able to handle the typical foods found in a bowl of chicken soup. This can contain anything from chicken of course, to carrots, celery, noodles, and miscellaneous spices and seasonings. If your baby is just starting off on solid foods, you might think they can take on chicken soup, but they will need some teeth to chew up the chicken, and it’s just really not the best food for them to eat when they’re under the weather.

What About Chicken Broth?
Okay, so now you know that chicken soup really isn’t the best thing for your baby when they’re sick because of all the things it includes, so you want to know if plain chicken broth is the answer. Chicken broth does have a lot of good benefits to it, but it is typically high in sodium, which is not something you want to give your baby. The salt content will actually work to dehydrate them, only exacerbating the situation.

What to Give Your Baby When They’re Sick
Keeping your baby hydrated when they’re not feeling well is the most important part. Things like Pedialyte would be a good idea, because this will not only hydrate your baby, but it will also provide additional electrolytes they’ve lost if they have a case of diarrhea associated with their cold. It’s a better answer than giving them something like Gatorade that comes with a lot of added sugars and industrial grade salt.

After making sure they’re properly hydrated, you don’t really need to force a lot of specialty foods on them to help them recover. Give them breast milk if they’re still breast feeding. Rice cereal, mashed fruits and vegetables, and other wholesome foods is best, as long as they still have their appetite. Let them dictate when they’re hungry. If they’re not fussing for food, let them be and don’t force the issue, except to give them Pedialyte as explained above. Some parents feed their babies because they think they should eat, but this is not good for their body.

Baby’s First Cold
You might feel guilty that your baby got sick and think that it’s something you did or didn’t do that caused it. You shouldn’t worry too much about it, it’s bound to happen eventually and was probably not your fault. If you know of a specific reason why you think they got sick, just try to avoid that same thing from happening again in the future. You don’t need to turn into a worry wart or have your baby live in a bubble. Colds, flus, and just being under the weather sometimes is a part of life.

Sticking to all natural solutions is good, but chicken soup really isn’t one of them that should be used for your baby. When they’re not feeling well just be sure they get plenty of rest, nourishing foods, plenty of fluids, and lots of love. But you already knew about that last one.

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ramandeep November 19, 2012 at 5:42 am

chicken soup is the best remedy for your baby suffering from congestion ,it will loosens the musics and give relive to your baby ,but be sure your baby should be above one year of age


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