Can I Give My Baby Cinnamon?

Can I give my baby cinnamon?Cinnamon can be found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam and Egypt. It is one of oldest known spices, and has many health benefits.

Studies have shown that just a half of teaspoon of cinnamon per day can help lower LDL cholesterol. It is also believed that it may have a regular effect on sugar which can help people with type 2 diabetes.

Cinnamon is often used in many foods. Like, applesauce and cereals. Many people find that it does not taste good by itself but when it is mixed in foods like oatmeal it has a little kick to it. A lot of times you will even see candies that contain it. The hard candies are often times hot or spicy.

This common ingredient is not just good for people but for animals as well. A half of teaspoon of cinnamon can not only help adults with diabetes but babies can benefit as well. Of course, the amount that is given could be different for each child depending on their age, size, and weight. The best thing to do is ask an expert, preferably your family physician.

Can I Give My Baby Cinnamon? Answer: In Small Amoounts

Cinnamon can be given to your baby. A baby who does not yet eat any solid foods can be exposed to cinnamon through breast milk. What the mother consumes will flavor the breast milk. This is why mom will often need to watch what she eats to be sure if the baby shows any signs of allergies if the baby does mom will later adjust her diet for a healthy baby.

As your baby starts eating infant cereal and oatmeal it can be flavored with a little bit of cinnamon. Sometimes the cereal can even be bought with cinnamon already in it. Cinnamon will not hurt your baby if it is given in correct amounts.

Making Baby’s Food
Many people have started making their own baby foods. Most families have found that it is cheaper and can be healthier. After all we do not know what is really inside the jarred foods, and just because it says its organic how do we really know it is?

When making your own foods you can experiment with spices. Having just plain foods is boring and can often make your child be a picky eater later in life. With this being said do not add a ton of salt, that could actually be harmful. But to add a little cinnamon to cereals and mashed carrots isn’t going to be harmful to your child’s health. Keep in mind if it is good for you it will most likely be okay for your baby as well. Also remember that too much of anything can be a bad thing.

Cinnamon and Teething Babies
Many parents that have given their teething baby a cinnamon stick have seen them calm down fairly quickly. There is nothing to worry about since it does not break off very easily, and little pieces that do break should not cause any hazard.

Maybe it is the scent of cinnamon or maybe there is really something in the cinnamon that helps soothe the hurting gums. The best thing to do if you are worried about giving your child cinnamon sticks is consult your pediatrician. But, the main concern with cinnamon is allergies.

Allergies and Cinnamon
Like most foods and spices there are some people who are allergic to cinnamon. If you or the child’s other parent are allergic yourself it may be a good idea to not give baby cinnamon until they are older and can handle a reaction better than a infant or young toddler.

The most common cinnamon allergy is dermatitis. When starting out with new spices it is important to give the baby a food they are already familiar with, this is because if there is an allergy you can quickly rule out the food and you will know for sure that it is the cinnamon that’s causing it.

Baby and Cinnamon
Babies can have cinnamon and just like any new foods you give your baby you should watch closely for any signs of allergies. If you do notice any signs be sure to contact your pediatrician if it is a day where they are closed there may be a nurse on call.

Cinnamon should not harm your baby, unless they are allergic. If they are not allergic there could be some health benefits for them just like any other person. Even young children can get diabetes and high cholesterol.

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