Can I Give My Baby Cranberry Juice?

Can I give my baby cranberry juice?If your baby is suffering from a urinary tract infection, you might consider giving them some cranberry juice. Then it might occur to you that can this juice might not be the best thing in a world for them to have, depending on how old they are.

Cranberry juice is pretty tart, and might upset your baby’s stomach. At that point you’re going to have to weigh the different options to see whether or not there is more benefit from the help that it will give to a UTI, or consider the other options available to you.

If you do end up giving them cranberry juice, it’s better to pay an extra dollar or so to get the organic kind. That way your baby is getting a good quality juice without the additives, like industrial grade sugar and pesticides and herbicides that can be found in the cranberries used for ordinary cranberry juice.

Can I Give My Baby Cranberry Juice? Answer: Not Recommended

Really you shouldn’t give them cranberry juice because it is not very effective at treating a urinary tract infection, and it is not something that provides anything that they really need if you are giving them breast milk, or if they have moved on to formula and other foods. It is a pretty harsh tasting juice, and most mothers out there our recommending that you dilute it with water. But the best thing would be just to not give it to them at all if you have to doctor it up so much.

Successfully Treating a UTI
A lot of parents will go to cranberry juice as a way to treat a urinary tract infection in their baby, but this is something that is debatable as to whether or not it is a good cure. It is best not to get into the habit of treating your baby’s problems using home remedies, without consulting the doctor first to get a proper diagnosis. If they check your baby out and determine that it is in fact a UTI, they can prescribe more effective treatments that are proven safe, and won’t cause any problems.

Other Problems with Juice
There are other reasons why you don’t want to get into the habit of giving your baby juice. Most juices contain too much sugar, and if your baby gets into the habit of always having a bottle filled with juice they might not want to drink things like water anymore, because it doesn’t have any flavor. Giving a baby a bottle all the time, even letting them sleep with a bottle, can result in dental decay and dental problems even in early childhood.

Concerns with Acid Reflux
Cranberries are also one of the foods that are known to cause acid reflux not only in adults, but also in babies. That’s why you should be careful when giving your baby cranberry juice, because they won’t be able to let you know when they’ve had enough, and giving them too much could cause more problems.

Identifying A Urinary Tract Infection
It’s pretty common for babies to get urinary tract infections, so you should always keep your eye out for the symptoms. If you suspect that your child has a UTI, here are the signs you should look for:

Your biggest signs will be in the urine, it will either smell funny, or look off, either because it looks cloudy, or because it has blood in it. Other than that, if they are crying for no apparent reason, or giving signs that it is painful to urinate, they might have a UTI. But it’s best not to jump to conclusions, that’s why you should note any differences in a diary so that you can build a case to take them into the doctor.

Home remedies are often preferable over pharmaceutical solutions, but you have to be sure that you are treating your baby for the right things, and you don’t overlook something that could be more serious than first appearances would suggest. The basic take away is that you don’t want to leave your baby’s health to chance, and you should always think of the best possible course of action to get them back to normal.

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