Can I Give My Baby Curry?

Can I give my baby curry?Curry is one of the most delicious foods out there, and in many different cultures it’s a staple food. But is it something that you can give your baby, and if so, is it something they should have?

The most obvious problem with giving your baby curry is the heat. Some curries are very spicy, so you’d definitely want to avoid giving your baby anything like that. But even the mild curries are very robust with their flavoring, and this might overpower the palate of a baby that is used to having rather bland foods. If you do opt to give them a curry, you should try to find one that doesn’t make your mouth burn, even in the slightest.

The other problem is that there is such a wide range of curry recipes out there that it’s impossible to answer this question appropriately. Some curries like Thai curries will use coconut milk, and then you have to get into whether or not your baby should have coconut milk with its high fat content. Other curries will be very salty, and can mean too much sodium for your child.

Can I Give My Baby Curry? Answer: Not Recommended

This is one food that can wait until later, usually a toddler will enjoy a good mild curry and at that time their system will be able to handle it. The reason is that your baby has a new digestive system, and it’s still developing. By giving them a food that can be tough for some adults to handle, you’re doing them a disservice. Since there’s nothing inherently good about curry,

If you are adamant about giving your baby curry because it’s a staple of the culture that you’re in, you’ll find that it’s best to go with as mild a curry as you can. Also, try to limit how often you give your baby curry, as well as the quantity and portion size in the moment. Also, it would be best to give them a vegetable curry at first, because they should be able to digest the vegetables more easily than meat. This would be a good way to ease them into eating curry.

Better Alternatives
There are better foods for your baby than giving them a curry. You can follow the same sort of curry recipe, just don’t include the curry powder. This will allow your baby to enjoy the vegetables and meats that the rest of the family is eating, but without the extra spices. Be sure to chop or puree the food up depending on how old your baby is and whether or not they’re used to solid foods. If you are getting curry from a restaurant, it’s best not to give it to your baby because they will use their own recipe and ingredients and there are too many unknown spices at work here that your baby shouldn’t have.

Spicy Foods are a No No
For one, your baby doesn’t need to eat spicy foods, and they probably won’t enjoy it. Spicy foods are something that only some adults like, and if you yourself are a fan it doesn’t meant that your baby will like them as well. You should always keep their best interest in mind when you decide what to give them. Another thing is that your baby doesn’t have the ability to tell you that something is too spicy, and all they will do is cry and you don’t want to do that to them.

In Due Time
If your family likes to eat curry, it’s only a matter of time before your baby can join in with everyone else. You’ll know when the time is right to introduce curry into their dietary line up. Until then, just enjoy this time in their lives and prepare them foods that they can handle with no problem. In the end you’ll feel a lot better about giving your baby the things that they need, rather than the foods that you want them to eat.

You can also get creative with what you serve, and come up with foods that are proper for your baby, and that use many of the same ingredients, but without the spiciness.

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