Can I Give My Baby Custard?

Can I give my baby custard?Custard might seem like a good thing to give your baby, as it’s easy enough to gum up and swallow, and it’s also pretty delicious. But is it something that is recommended for daily, and is there anything in it that might cause your baby problems?

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to feed your baby because each food needs to be broken down into ingredients that are in it, to make sure that you’re not giving your baby anything that could be potentially harmful for them. When it comes to Custer, the reason has the consistency of is because it contains a good amount of whole eggs, and this can make it too fatty for most baby’s to process. It all depends on the recipe you follow, so you’d have to check to see what sort of fat and cholesterol content it has.

So rather than give your baby Custer, it might be a better idea to start off with something lighter, like putting, but only at the right time. You might think that it sounds like a big responsibility tried to keep track of everything that her baby is having, that’s why it’s a good idea to think simple, and only feed your baby foods that are found safe list that you yourself have developed. As you feed your baby over time, you can add new foods to the list, and will rest knowing that you are doing a good job at being the gatekeeper as to what is making it into your baby’s system.

Can I Give My Baby Custard? Answer: Not Recommended

Custard is a very rich food, and is high in fat. Your baby doesn’t need to eat a lot of fatty foods at such a young age, and you are not doing them any favors by introducing this at this time. You want to wait until your baby is more active, crawling around or after they’ve learned to walk. Toddler age is a good time to give them things they’ve gone without, and you can add custard to that list.

Other Options
You definitely don’t want to deprive your baby of delicious foods, but you have to be more choosy when it comes to which once you give them. There are certain foods that your baby will enjoy the taste of, but that don’t have any negative side effects of being to fatty, having too much cholesterol, being too salty, or containing large amounts of sugar. As you introduce more and more foods to your baby, and expand their palate, you will see the types of tastes they enjoy and be able to cater to what they like without causing them any troubles.

Pudding Perhaps
It’s pretty easy to make your own pudding, and this is a better option than giving them custard, especially if you follow your own recipe and can control what goes in it. As a last resort you can buy an organic pudding mix and follow that, but it’s best to try it out on your own whenever possible. This way you know exactly what’s going into it, and you can modify the recipe as you see fit so that your baby isn’t being will loaded up with things they don’t need.

Mind the Portions
Whichever route you go, whether you decide to give your baby custard, or sub it out with pudding, just be sure not to give them too much. Since its so easy for them to eat, you might be lulled into giving them a larger portion than they can handle. This could end up giving you the false impression that the custard or pudding itself is causing the problem, when really it’s how much they ate. Start off with small amounts and gradually increase those amounts until you’re able to feel confident that they’re handling it well.

But still your best bet is to wait it out until they’re older, at the one year mark at least, or until they’ve mastered the skill of walking and are burning calories throughout the day. That way you won’t be feeding them a food that they take too long to process and that’s making them fat.

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