Can I Give My Baby Dairy?

Can I give my baby dairy?We’ve all heard that dairy might not be such a good thing for us adults to consume, but what about for a baby? Do they need the calcium and other benefits found in dairy, or is it all unnecessary, and will it only serve to clog up their brand new digestive system.

The dairy industry definitely has a vested interest in people eating more and more dairy products, but a lot of evidence exists that says dairy only serves to make us fat, and doesn’t sit well in our systems. To be sure, a lot of people don’t eat dairy because of the lactose it contains, and many people are lactose intolerant to some degree. You won’t really now if your baby is lactose intolerant,

A popular item for many moms is to give their baby and toddler a bottle of milk. It seems natural, but when you stop to think about it, it’s anything but natural. Cow’s milk comes from a different species of animal altogether, and your baby is not a calf. If they are used to being given your breast milk, and then are switched to cow’s milk, that’s quite a change to adjust to. One great thing about breast milk is that it doesn’t contain bovine growth hormones.

And since dairy products are derived from cow’s milk, there’s really nothing natural about them, and no need for them to be introduced to your baby at all. If you are adamant on giving them dairy because you like to eat it and they are going to eventually eat what you eat, then at least wait until after the first year to start giving it to them. This will give their digestive systems time to be able to handle it.

Can I Give My Baby Dairy? Answer: It’s Not Needed

Many parents think that dairy products are giving their baby some sort of nutrients that they are lacking, most often calcium is brought up, but also protein, and Vitamin D. But dairy doesn’t have the lockdown on Vitamin D, or protein and calcium for that matter. There are plenty of other foods that contain these healthy benefits, without giving your baby something as unnatural as dairy.

Your baby should be getting enough calcium through your breast milk. So as long as you’re following the advice of supplying your baby with breast milk for as long as you can, you shouldn’t need to worry about supplementing it with things like dairy. If you’re looking for natural foods high in calcium, you can give them pureed spinach or broccoli.

How About Yogurt?
Yogurt has been getting a lot of attention in recent years because it is supposed to regulate your digestive system with its live and active cultures. This is supposed to introduce digestive enzymes into your stomach, making you able to process your food better. But there is no reason to think that your baby needs these, as they have a new and still developing digestive system and it will have all of the right bacteria and enzymes in it. The reason adults can benefit from eating yogurt is that our digestive systems get out of whack because of all the low grade, processed foods, meats, and preservatives we consume.

How About Cheese?
Cheese is often thought of as a food that makes adults fat, causes high cholesterol, and leads to things like heart attacks and strokes. It is also said to cause constipation. The only thing it has going for it is its taste, and it seems to make just about everything taste better. But it is not something that your baby needs, or can’t live without, and there’s no reason to give them something that will clog up their brand new body.

The main point to take away is that you have to rid yourself of the notion that dairy products are the only way to get the nutrients they provide. There are always better ways to get your baby things like calcium and other vitamins than resorting to giving them dairy. Just because you ate dairy and turned out alright doesn’t mean it’s a must that you have to feed it to your child. Be sure to do further research into individual dairy products and determine if it’s a good idea or not.

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