Can I Give My Baby Deodorant?

Can I give my baby deodorant?Most parents revel in that new baby smell, but sometimes they can start to produce an odor that isn’t as appealing, and you might consider using deodorant.

Caring for your baby involves much more than simply changing diapers and feeding them. You have to think of them as being surrounded by a bubble, and it’s your job to make sure that anything that’s not good for them stays out of that bubble. In regards to deodorant there are several things to consider, and the first is whether you are going to use some of your own deodorant on them, or are looking for a specially formulated baby deodorant.

In any case you shouldn’t need to be using deodorant on your baby. The times when this pops up the most is when babies start crawling around and working up a sweat. This is when you should start bathing them daily now that they’re more active and merit a daily cleansing.

Can I Give My Baby Deodorant? Answer: Not Recommended

As long as you are washing your baby regularly and changing their clothes as needed, they shouldn’t smell badly enough to warrant use of deodorant. If they are excessive sweaters you can use baby powder to absorb some of the excess perspiration. In order to do so you apply some of the baby powder to your fingers, and once they’re coated you simply touch the areas that are prone to the most sweat. This way you limit the amount of airborne particles that your baby can inhale, but still get the positive benefits you’re looking for.

Babies Have Sensitive Skin
You don’t want to put anything on your babies skin that could potentially cause an irritation or rash. Deodorants are full of chemicals that are designed to produce a fragrance or to stop the body from sweating. There is a high chance that these will not react well to your baby’s skin, and they’re not tested for infant use. Even if a deodorant has never irritated you or hasn’t given you any sort of allergic reaction there is no guarantee that this will be the case for your little one.

The reason adults use deodorant is because we have to go out in public and interact with others. We don’t have the luxury of taking a bath whenever we start to get stinky, so we use deodorant as a way to get us through those times. Also, we’re more active and have auxiliary hair and other factors that cause more distinctive body odor. Your baby has no pressing engagements and is likely not as active, so in most instances deodorant would be overkill.

Deodorants Contain Potentially Harmful Ingredients
Many of the commercially available deodorants contain aluminum, which can lead to cancer and really aren’t fit for adult use, let alone something you’d want to wilfully apply to your baby. On top of that they have artificial dyes and scents added to them so that they smell the way they do.

Concerns with Antiperspirants
You also don’t want to put on an deodorant that contains an antiperspirant, and most of them do. This will block your baby’s body from releasing the sweat, which is very unnatural and is not something you’d want to get into the habit of doing.

Even though you might think that certain brands like Dove would be gentle enough to use on your baby, they aren’t. While they may contain moisturizers and are formulated not to leave marks on your underarms, they’re still not designed for use on babies.

Better Ideas
If you’ve got a case of baby BO the best thing to do is give them a bath. Nine times out of ten this will solve the dilemma of whether or not to use deodorant. If they’re still smelly after having their bath, consider what they’re eating. It could be a food that they’re not processing correctly that is causing the odor. Or they may need multiple baths in one day. As stated earlier, use baby powder to help soak up any excessive perspiration you may encounter, and keep their clothes clean and fresh and you should have no trouble.

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Anj June 3, 2013 at 9:37 pm

If you feel that your baby is smelly, maybe you should learn to embrace it instead of constantly trying to force your baby to conform to societal norms of “smelling nice”. Babies have a lot of smells, and they are natural and healthy. Trying to alter the smell of your baby by using chemicals (deodorant) is unnecessary and harmful.


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