Can I Give My Baby Diarrhea?

Can I give my baby diarrhea?As a new parent you might wonder if it’s possible to give your baby diarrhea, either by passing along your stomach bug, or by feeding them the wrong foods at the wrong time. We’re here to help you steer clear of inadvertently giving your baby stomach trouble.

As adults it’s pretty easy to tell when we have diarrhea, but the same is not always true for a baby. Babies usually have stools that aren’t fully formed, so it can sometimes be hard to differentiate diarrhea from a normal bowel movement. That’s why it’s important to correctly diagnose a case of diarrhea so you don’t go treating them for something they don’t have.

There are plenty of reasons why a baby could have diarrhea, and that’s why it’s a good idea to keep a diary or a journal where you can record unusual things like this. You really want to look for a pattern rather than get overly concerned about one specific incidence. Note things like what they ate that day, what they drank, and if you want to get into details you can note the color. This information can come in handy later when you are trying to determine what’s wrong.

Can I Give My Baby Diarrhea? Answer: Yes.

It is possible to give your baby diarrhea, and the most common way for them to get it is through a viral or bacterial infection. This means that you can help prevent diarrhea by making sure you keep a clean and sterile environment as much as possible. You can avoid taking your baby to crowded public places, especially during cold and flu season. Making sure you wash your hands many time throughout the day will also help, and keeping up the habit of washing your hands before you handle your baby is a good idea.

The Problem with Antibiotics
If your baby has recently been on antibiotics, you may have unwittingly given them diarrhea by disrupting the natural balance of digestive bacteria. The antibiotics kill the offensive bacteria, but they also kill the good ones too, so you should ask your doctor what’s a good way to get the good bacteria back into your baby’s system.

Quarantine Yourself If Possible
If you’ve got a case of diarrhea and you’re pretty sure it’s from a stomach bug that’s going around, you’ll probably want to limit your interactions with your baby for 24 hours. This may be harder to do if you’re a single parent, and a good backup would be to keep yourself as clean as possible, or perhaps by a breathing mask so you’re not passing along your germs to them. Even with all of your efforts, it’s is still likely that they’ll catch it too, since their immune system is still developing.

Foods that Cause Diarrhea
The worst feeling you can have is to think that you were the one that caused your baby’s diarrhea by giving them foods they couldn’t handle. But this is not necessarily your fault. Perhaps you introduced a new food to them that they are responding too. Maybe you gave them too much of something in one sitting. There are countless ways that you can disrupt their digestive system, so there’s no reason to feel bad about it, it’s just part of learning what they can have and what they shouldn’t have.

Common dietary culprits of diarrhea are foods that cause an allergic reaction, and these include peanuts, shellfish, and eggs. Rather than break out in a rash or have respiratory problems, you baby just might have diarrhea as a symptom. That’s why it’s always best to introduce new foods apart from anything else. This helps you isolate reactions like this and will help you make the right choices going forward as to what you can feed them.

So while it is possible that you can give your baby diarrhea, you shouldn’t let that stop you from being a parent. There are times when they’ll get it and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Just stay true to the course you’ve set, keep feeding them the right foods for their age and development state, and you’ll be able to overcome the occasional bout of diarrhea without too much cause for alarm.

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