Can I Give My Baby Dimetapp?

Can I give my baby Dimetapp?Giving your baby Dimetapp might seem like a better idea than watching them suffer through a chest cold, but is it something that is recommended? Most people know that they shouldn’t give their baby over the counter medications, even if they are children’s strength. But others think that they can give their baby these sorts of drugs as long as they dose accordingly.

But the makers of Dimetapp only make a children’s formula, not an infant formula, so even they seem to know that you shouldn’t be giving your baby these sort of drugs. It’s not a good idea to give them a smaller dose of children’s Dimetapp. This is because they are still developing their immune system. If you give them medicine to mask over the symptoms their body won’t be able to get strong enough to fight colds later on, so you’re only making the problem worse.

It’s like the story of the butterfly that is stuck in its cocoon. Someone comes along and helps it out, but by doing so their wings weren’t able to develop properly from the struggle it takes to get out of the cocoon. Your baby needs to learn to fight off colds and diseases on their own. Of course if it’s a bad enough cold and has persisted for some time you should take them in to see what the problem is and to get proper treatment.

Can I Give My Baby Dimetapp? Answer: Not Recommended

Self medicating using what you have on hand in your medicine cabinet is not a good idea, even if you can find other moms and dads telling you what dose of Dimetapp they gave their baby. They may be well meaning, and their intention might be to help, but they are only giving bad advice, and potentially dangerous suggestions. There are all sorts of parents out there, and some treat their child like a guinea pig and will give them just about anything as long as they don’t have to take them in to the doctor.

But this is not something that you want to treat on your own, at least not with medicine. There are plenty of other ways to soothe your child and help them knock out the cold on their own. Be sure to exhaust all of those options before bringing them in to the doctor.

When the Time is Right
You’ll know when it’s the right time to bring them in to the pedicatrician to find out what the problem is. In most cases that’s when their fever gets out of control, or the cold just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. By giving them meds you are only covering up the symptoms and therefore you won’t be able to give the doctor accurate information about the extent of the cold. While it is hard to watch your baby suffer, it is actually helping them to get stronger and to be healthier going forward.

No Testing Done
The other reason you don’t want to give your baby smaller doses of these OTC drugs is that the manufacturers don’t test them on infants, which is why they recommend against giving it to them, and they set the age limits on their products. They are formulated for either adult or child’s bodies and they weren’t meant to be taken by babies. A baby’s body is much different than even a child’s, so you don’t want to take any chances. You’d reel really guilty if complications arise later and you’ll wonder if you played a part in them.

If you get into the bad habit of giving your baby these sort of medications, it becomes a slippery slope. They then end up as children and eventually adults that will rely on these sort of drugs any time they have a problem. Taking an aspirin when you have a really bad headache is one thing, but taking cough medicine each time you cough, or allergy medicine each time you sneeze is a little much. The things you do from age zero to age 5 can have big ramifications and can set your child up for adulthood so you want to make them the healthiest and best year’s possible.

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