Can I Give My Baby Dr Pepper

Can I Give My Baby Dr PepperDr Pepper was invented by a pharmacist called Charles Alderton back in 1885 in Waco Texas. He worked at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store and carbonated drinks were served at the soda fountain. Charles Alderton invented his own personalized recipes for soft drinks and found that one of them was becoming very popular. Customers would ask for this popular soft drink and would state shoot me a “Waco” . Morrison the owner of the drug store proceeded to give this soft drink a name “Dr Pepper” after his friend Dr Charles Pepper. Today the Dr Pepper Company is the oldest major manufacturer of soft drink concentrates and syrups in the United States.

Can I give my baby Dr Pepper? Answer No.

It is important to understand that Dr Pepper is not a healthy beverage to give to a little one. It is a carbonated beverage. Dr Pepper contains sodium, carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sodium benzoate and caffeine. There are no nutritional benefits in Dr Pepper for us, let alone a little one.

Why Is Dr Pepper Not Healthy For Baby?

There are parents that will give their little one a sip of a carbonated beverage thinking that a little of the soft drink will not harm their little one. They feel that they are doing the right thing by their little one giving them a sip of  Dr Pepper  so baby knows what it tastes like.  Some parents have the idea that it is okay to provide carbonated beverages such as Dr Pepper to their little one as by doing this they believe that when their little one will grow up they will have either a great dislike for the beverage or on the other hand it has been known that some parents will give Dr Pepper to their little one thinking that it will help their baby with colic.  Some parents also think that because baby is trying to grab their Dr Pepper drink that baby automatically wants to try it. Not so, Dr Pepper has no nutritional value, or any other benefits for baby in any shape or form therefore baby should never be given Dr Pepper.

Common sense and Dr Pepper.

For many moms and dads when it comes to a soft drink such as Dr Pepper or any soft drink that it would be common sense not to give it to your baby. Of course some people enjoy Dr Pepper very much and consider it to be a safe soft drink to give to their children. Any carbonated soft drink that does contain any of the ingredients that Dr Pepper has will not be safe for a little one to have at all. It is far better to give your little one water. Do not stop for a moment to think that because you have no beverages such as juice or water to give to your little one while you are on an outing that a sip of Dr Pepper will be okay as that is all you have to hand. It is not okay to give your little one Dr Pepper.

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