Can I Give My Baby Dried Fruit?

Can I give my baby dried fruit?Giving your baby dried fruit is something that you might be wondering about, since it is fruit you probably think it is healthy, but since it is dried you might think it’s not good for them.

And in many instances it is this dried nature that make it something that you probably shouldn’t give your baby. Unless you are drying your own fruit and can be sure of what’s going into the fruit during the preservation process, it’s just not something that you should give your baby. Cooked fresh fruit is much better, as you can be more sure of what’s in it. Cooked fresh organic fruit is best, since you don’t have to worry about things like pesticides and herbicides.

When manufacturers make dried fruits they like to use a lot of sugar and other preservatives in the process. Another concern is that these fruits can be a choking hazard because they take a lot of chewing, and it is tempting to try to swallow them before they’re all chewed up. So even though this might sound like a good idea at first, the more you consider it the more it’s not so palatable.

Can I Give My Baby Dried Fruit? Answer: Not Recommended

So if your baby doesn’t have all of their teeth yet, or they’re just getting used to the idea of chewing up foods, it’s probably not a good idea to give them dried fruits. Once they hit that tipping point where they seem to be able to eat all foods fairly well, you can introduce them to dried fruit and see how they like it. It might be a good idea to start them off with smaller sized fruits like raisins or cranberries before moving to larger pieces.

Better Alternatives
If you want to give your baby something as healthy as fruit, but that’s nice and easy to pick up and eat, you could consider giving them vegetables instead. Vegetables typically contain less sugar, and can be just as tasty. It’s all about finding unique ways to prepare them that make them just as convenient as dried fruit.

The biggest thing to keep in mind here is that your baby definitely needs to be experiencing new taste sensations, but you want to keep their blood sugar levels stable, and you don’t want to present anything to them that could represent a choking hazard. If your baby is still in their first year, you should hold off on many foods because they are still developing, and their digestive system will have a tough time handling foods like dried fruits.

Age Matters
There are plenty of guides out there that say what foods you should give your baby at what ages, but there are not hard and fast rules when it comes to the development of your baby. You have to use your gut on some things and you’ll instinctively know the best time to give them new foods. If you are having trepidation about giving them dried fruit, there is probably rightful cause for your hesitation, and you should avoid it. When it feels right, it’s probably OK for them.

The Gatekeeper
Your major role in all of this is being the gatekeeper of what makes it into your child’s system and what doesn’t. This not only includes things that could potentially choke them, but you should be keeping them sustained with healthy, life-giving foods and keeping out things that don’t do them much good. You might think that dried fruit is as healthy as fresh fruit, but it’s not, and the more processed a food is the less nutritious it becomes.

So in the end, no matter how much advice you get from other well-meaning moms, doctors, and even at this site, you’ll will have the final say of what you give your baby. Over time, you will have developed a nice list of your own that includes things that you give them, and excludes things that you’ve deemed unfit. What results will be the foundation of what your child eats in life and can have residual effects even into adulthood, so it’s nothing you should take lightly, and it’s good that you are doing your research into the matter.

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