Can I Give My Baby Echinacea?

Can I give my baby echinacea?Giving your baby the best start is the goal, and you might think that giving them Echinacea as a supplement to their diet is a good thing. There are many health benefits attributed to this flower, but how many of them are legit, and how many will your baby actually receive.

Many people believe, and have believed throughout the years that echinacea is a way to boost your immune system. For adults there seems to be a lot of debate as to whether it actually does anything, with some studies showing that it works half the time, and other showing no results to speak of at all. It basically boils down to whether you feel better when you take it or not.

But if definitely falls under the category of Not Necessary when it comes to giving it to your baby, and in the world of giving your baby things, if it’s not necessary, it’s not recommended. It’s a pretty simple philosophy, but proven effective time and time again. If it’s not doing your baby any good, it doesn’t merit giving it to them.

Can I Give My Baby Echinacea? Answer: Not Recommended

The big question is whether echinacea works to build up the immune system in babies. The evidence is pointing to it actually stunting their immune system because it is in the process of developing on its own. Before your baby has turned one, they are still developing as a human being, and this includes things like their immune system. They are not born with a perfectly developed body, and they finish growing and developing outside of the womb. Need quick proof? They have the soft spot on their head.

The best thing you can do to insure that your baby has a healthy and normal immune system is to breastfeed them the entire first year. This will make sure they get the best start, and also that they get all of the nutrients and good things from your milk that they need. If you are worried that you need to supplement their diet with a lot of different things, you really don’t. And there’s no need to rush on introducing new things to them either. You can follow a simple eating plan with them for a long time, and introduce new foods to them at strategic intervals, mostly when it feels natural to do so.

Just Not Needed
There’s no need to give echinacea to your baby, nor are you recommended to give it to any child below 12 years of age. There isn’t enough evidence proving that it is effective in children this young, and since there is a chance that it could have undesirable effects, it’s something you should avoid in lieu of better ways at improving their health, well-being, and immune system.

Many times adults have problems that just aren’t there for babies. We have so many things that weaken our immune system, and as we age it gets more and more susceptible to letting us down. That’s why as we get older it becomes more and more important to take good care of ourselves, eat the right foods, and get the body moving each day to keep the immune system up and healthy. It’s actually smart to think that your baby might need some assistance in developing their immune system, since seniors and babies are often the most at risk for common colds and the flu do to a weakened or developing immune system.

As long as you get into the habit of giving your baby things that help their growth and development you can’t go wrong. The best case scenario would be that they adopt this sort of thinking into their own choices as they become an adult. You want them to take care of themselves and only put good things into their body. And maybe when they’re an adult, they’ll naturally reach for things like echinacea if it is proven that it actually does help. But for now you should just stick to the basics. Wholesome breast milk and other foods that are baby approved are the best way to go for the time being.

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