Can I Give My Baby Eggos?

Can I give my baby Eggos?Eggos might be a fast and easy way to feed your other kids, and even yourself, but is it something you should be giving your baby?

Probably you already know that you shouldn’t be giving your baby Eggos, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. The frozen foods section is pretty much a no-go for baby, since almost all of the meals and food items you’ll find in it use a ton of preservatives, and many will be required to be microwaved. At least with Eggos you’re using the toaster and not the microwave, but still the ingredients it contains are just no good for a baby.

Your baby really needs wholesome foods to aid in their development and Eggos just don’t measure up. The difference between feeding your baby an Eggo waffle as opposed to a homemade puree of blueberries and strawberries is a gigantic gorge. With the homemade option they’re getting antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, not to mention a food that is full of the sun’s energy. With the Eggos they are getting a food that is devoid of anything natural, with many ingredients created in a lab or factory.

Can I Give My Baby Eggos? Answer: Not Recommended

Most of the pre-packaged frozen foods you find from giant food corporations like Kellogg’s are not good for your baby, and should be avoided. After analyzing the ingredients list it’s easy to see that this is something that is not going to benefit your child in any way. And since that’s the case, why give it to them?

Ingredients List
The ingredients list of Eggos is packed with all sorts of artificial substances, synthetic vitamins, and other nasties. It even has TBHQ in it, a preservative which has been limited by the FDA. Some ingredients might sound healthy at first glance, like whole wheat flour, but then you have to stop to consider that they’re getting their grains and all of their ingredients at the lowest price possible. They are then processing the heck out of it so that it will look like a waffle when they get it finished.

Too Much Sugar
The second ingredient is sugar, right behind whole wheat. The fifth ingredient on the list is High Fructose Corn Syrup, something you definitely don’t want to give your baby. These waffles, even without syrup, will send your baby’s blood glucose levels soaring, which is something you should be keeping in mind while you’re feeding them their different foods.

Trans Fat
Another ingredient that should raise your eyebrow is the partially hydrogenated soybean oil. This means that you’re going to be giving your baby trans fat if you give them Eggos. They have 1 gram of trans fat per waffle, but it’s not like you’ll be giving your baby an entire waffle, right? Wrong! The total amount of trans fat that an adult is able to have is 2 grams, and a baby shouldn’t be having any trans fat at all. This is reason enough to put the Eggo down, and slowly back away. You might also want to reconsider giving them to your other children, or eating them yourself.

Better Alternatives
Making waffles isn’t so hard as the Eggos folks would have you believe. That way you get quality control over the ingredients you use. If you want to give your baby an easy to make waffle, try going with an organic Eggo waffle knock-off. That way you won’t get things like HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils, and you can bet the second ingredient won’t be sugar.

A good rule of thumb is that if it’s from a major food manufacturer, it’s probably not good for your baby. The big food conglomerates are interested in the bottom line, not your baby’s health, and Eggos especially were not created with babies in mind. Breakfast for baby is one of the easiest meals of the day. Blend up a quick puree of fruits that they like and you’re all set, rotate that out with things like fortified rice cereal, and don’t forget to keep supplementing all of the solid foods you give them with your breast milk. They need that for as long as you’re producing.

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