Can I Give My Baby Eggplant?

Can I give my baby eggplant?Eggplant might not be as nutritious as broccoli, but it still holds its own in the fiber department and is a great source of Vitamin A as well as Folate. It’s something that you can give your baby, but you’ll want to hold off until the 8 month mark, as they start to enter the solid foods phase.

It’s good to question the different vegetables you give your baby, because some of them can cause allergies. Eggplant has a low occurrence of allergic reactions, but just to be safe you can introduce it to them and monitor how it goes. To do this just make sure that eggplant is the only new food being given to them. Make it a lunchtime meal so you have time to see if they have any reactions before they go to sleep.

What you’re looking for is any skin irritations, trouble breathing such as a wheezing sound, stomach upset that is out of the ordinary, or constant crying that can’t be soothed away. Once you see that they haven’t had a reaction, you can safely add eggplant to the list of OK foods for your baby.

Can I Give My Baby Eggplant? Answer: From 8 Months

Eggplant finds itself in many recipes, and it goes together well with other vegetables, either in a stir fry or a baked dish. As your baby starts to eat more and more meals with the family, you won’t have to wonder if they can have dishes with eggplant in them, because it is generally safe for babies, unless they have a specific food allergy to it.

Ways to Prepare It
Baking eggplant is probably one of the yummier ways to go about it, but can also take a long time. Sauteeing it usually produces good results but in order to do that you’ll likely end up using something like olive oil or some other oil and that can pose an entirely new question of whether you should give your baby olive oil. With baking you don’t have to worry about additives. Steaming is another way to cook it that doesn’t involve a lot

Making Your Own Eggplant Baby Food
Eggplant is really easy to prepare as your own baby food, and can be an economical alternative to processed and pre-packaged baby foods, if you find it on sale in season or get it from your local farmer’s market. All you need to do is wash it, cut it up, steam it, and then use your food processor to make a nice baby food consistency with it. If your baby is moving into solid foods you can start off by just mashing up the eggplant like mashed potatoes, which will leave it a little lumpy so they can use their teeth more, and eventually just give them bite sized pieces they can pick up and pop in their mouths.

This can be a fun finger food, and also a delicious alternative to junk foods that you might be tempted to give them as they get older. Depending on how you prepare it, eggplant can have a sweet taste, or a savory taste, and it’s nice and soft on the palate. You’ll have to experiment to see what your baby likes and prefers, because it may turn out that they don’t like it one way, but will eat it another. I’ts a pretty versatile vegetable, so be creative with it and don’t give up on your first attempt if they reject your offering.

Play Well With Others
Sometimes eggplant can be a bit boring by itself. Consider mixing it up with other vegetables to add some color, other nutrients and flavors to it. Some suggestions are squash and zucchini as they are all sort of the same consistency, with similar cooking times, and characteristics like getting soft and squishy once cooked.

Disclaimer: You should always verify all of the information you read online with your baby’s doctor. Only they will know their specific medical history, and will know the exact answer for your baby. While we do our best to answer each question as accurately as possible, there’s no way we can cover every baby and every circumstance.

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