Can I Give My Baby Eggs?

Can I give my baby eggs?Hard boiled, over easy, scrambled, Benedict, fried, sunny side up, most people have a preference how they like their eggs. And most people enjoy a breakfast that contains eggs. So when you are cooking yourself up a nice batch of those little white ovals, you may consider giving some to your baby.

But then you wonder, is this a good idea?

Whether or not you can feed eggs to your baby has one very aggravating answer: it depends. Eggs (typically the white part of the egg) are known to be highly allergenic. Because of this, some doctors recommend waiting to serve eggs to your baby until after his or her first birthday.

On the other hand, the American Academy of Pediatrics believes that prolonging the introduction of allergenic foods to your baby will not decrease the risk.

Basically, they believe that if your child is allergic to a certain food, such as eggs, whether your introduce it to them at four months or their first birthday, they are going to have the same reaction.

Can I Give My Baby Eggs? Answer: It Depends

Determining when to give your child eggs for the first time is your decision, but to be safe, you can always discuss it with your child’s doctor. As long as your child is between four to six months of age and can sit with support, he or she is ready to tackle solid foods. If you plan on serving eggs to your child, serving them scrambled is the easiest (and safest) form for your child. Scrambled eggs tend to be softer than any other type of cooked egg. They also come in smaller pieces, which is easier for your child to grasp and chew.

Egg Characteristics
Eggs are a great source of protein, but they are also high in cholesterol. The yolk, or yellow part of the egg, is the part that contains the highest amount of cholesterol. This is why some people choose to eat only the egg whites. If you want to ensure your baby is not intaking any excess cholesterol, you can opt to serve him or her egg whites only. Also, while most standard eggs have a good source of vitamins and minerals, you can also purchase special eggs that have been fortified with extra vitamins or minerals, such as omega-3 fatty acids.

When you first introduce eggs to your little one, make sure to either serve it alone or with another food your child has already enjoyed. It is always best to wait three days in between feeding your child new foods. This way, if your child does have an allergic reaction, you will know which food caused it.

Allergic Reactions
Egg allergies are very common in children who have a family history of an egg allergy. If your baby has an egg allergy, the symptoms, which include anything from hives to vomiting and low blood pressure to itching, will usually occur within minutes. For mild allergic reactions, you should contact your child’s doctor. For more severe reactions, you should call 911 or take your child to the nearest hospital. The good news, though, is that most children who have an egg allergy tend to outgrow it by their fifth birthday.

Unfortunately for those suffering from an egg allergy, egg is in a great deal of food. Parents of children with egg allergies need to thoroughly check the label on everything before giving it to your child. Even if you think something is safe, it is always best to check the label first just to be sure.

Either 4-6 Months or After One Year
Remember, eggs are one of the top most allergenic foods. Though some doctors believe you should wait until after your child’s first birthday to introduce them to your child’s diet, others believe it is fine between four and six months. Deciding what time is best for your child to be introduced to eggs is up to you (and your child’s doctor). Eggs are a healthy addition to your child’s diet, and are a great source of protein.

If you have any concerns about feeding eggs to your child, it is always best to consult your child’s doctor. He or she will be able to answer your questions, discuss your concerns and give you guidance in more thorough detail.

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