Can I Give My Baby Fennel Tea?

Can I give my baby fennel tea?Fennel tea is a well-known cure for colic, but is it safe? Having a baby with colic can cause stress on the parents and family. Parents often get frustrated because they do not know what is wrong with their child or how to cure them. While it is frustrating, it is best to stay calm and know that it will eventually end.

Colic is a condition where a baby experiences uncontrollable cries or screams for long periods of time without any reason. This condition usually starts before a baby is one month old, and it generally goes away suddenly, usually around the time the baby is three or four months old. In bad cases, it can last up until twelve months of age. Some believe that getting colic appears less in children who are breast fed.

Children who suffer from colic usually start crying around the same time every day. Early evenings are the most common, but it can occur at any time. Colic symptoms tend to get worse shortly after a child is done eating, especially if your child has trouble burping.

Can I Give My Baby Fennel Tea? Answer: Not Recommended

Colic is usally considered a gastrointestinal problem. There tend to be a variety of causes of the colic symptoms, which include stomach gas, neurological overload (over-stimulation that results in exhaustion), and even a muscular spasm. Some experts believe that colic is not caused by stomach upset because the fussiness peaks between six weeks and four months, but colicy children still burp and have bowel movements.

Premature babies are not more susceptible to colic than full-term babies. In 90% of cases, colic has nothing to do with a baby’s diet.

Complications of Colic
While colic is upsetting for our baby, it also becomes an irritation to the parents. The sleep deprivation most parents get from staying up all night with a colicy baby can cause problems. It may create stress on the relationship of the parents or other family members, it can cause mothers to have trouble breastfeeding, and may result in shaken baby syndrome or postpartum depression.

Since there is no hard evidence of what causes colic, it is hard to treat. Some doctors have recommended using sedatives to calm the baby. Others turn to non-medical approaches to try to calm the baby, including swaddling, pacifiers or swinging. Some parents turn to wives tale remedies, including the use of fennel tea.

Fennel is a plant species that is highly aromatic and flavorful. It has many culinary and medicinal uses, and is often found in tea. Fennel tea is made by pouring boiling water on a teaspoon full of bruised fennel seeds, or you can find it commercially made at local grocery stores or pharmacies.

Effects of Fennel
Years ago, fennel was made into a syrup and used to treat babies suffering from colic, as fennel is very soothing on the intestinal tract. However, this use is not recommended, as consuming too much fennel over long periods of time has been reported to cause thelarche, or the onset of secondary breast development.

Fennel is also known to help improve eyesight and may be a treatment for hypertension. Syrup made from fennel was also given to those suffering from chronic coughs. Fennel also is known to keep fleas away, and is commonly found around kennels and stables to keep animals safe.

While it may be obnoxious, colic is something that your baby cannot control. They do not want to cry excessively, and they certainly do not want to put any stress or burden on their parents or family. It is best to try non-medicinal approaches first to try and calm your baby. Try to swaddle them or put them in a swing, and give them something to suck on, such as a pacifier.

Remain Calm
While it is difficult to remain calm while your child is screaming, it is not a good idea to take your aggression out on your child. If you are finding it difficult to remain calm, have another family member look after the baby while you leave the room for a few moments. You do not want your irritation to turn into a fatality, such as shaken baby syndrome. Though it is hard to comprehend at the time, just remember that colic will eventually pass, and your baby will be back to all smiles before you know it.

If your child is suffering from colic, it is best to speak with your child’s doctor to find a safe remedy other than fennel tea to try and calm your upset baby. Using home remedies, such as fennel tea, is not recommended and can have side effects for your child.

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Lilian Dugree May 18, 2014 at 2:53 pm

When my baby had colic, all the family was frustrated and it was hard, I gave him Babies’ Magic Tea and it was the best choice, it calmed him down immediately and he stopped waking up every hour.


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