When Can I Give My Baby Their First Bottle

first bottleShould you bottle feed your baby? It’s a question all mom’s face. There are many moms that choose to breast feed their baby and there are many moms that will choose to first bottle feed their baby. As long as you are happy with your decision then it is the right decision for you and baby. Today the formulas that are provided for baby are made to meet high standards of nutrition to meet all of baby’s needs. So today’s formula babies are healthy babies. Make sure that the formula you use for baby’s first bottle is a quality formula.

When Can I Give My Baby Their First Bottle? Answer: The Day Your Baby Is Born

It is very important that when you choose to bottle feed your baby that hygiene is of utmost priority. Do make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly as you go about preparing baby’s formula, always ensure that baby’s bottles are sterilized and clean before each feed. If health standards are not met then your little one can get sick and you do not want this happening.

Baby’s first bottle

The first bottle that you will give to your baby will be on the first day it is born. No doubt your little one will not take in much at all but by the third day of baby’s life it will start to have  regular feeds where it will consume the entire amount in the bottle. What is suggested by experts is that you allow your baby to choose their own routine and how often and how much they would like to consume. As a basic guideline between birth and six months your baby will require on average of 2 to 2.5 ounces of formula per pound per day. Say that your baby weighs approximately ten pounds, then your baby will require 20 to 25 ounces per day. In metric measurements this equates to 150 – 200 ml of formula per kilogram of their body weight per day.

It is far better to provide small amounts of formula often as this is best for your baby’s stomach. If you give large amounts of milk in one feeding session this does not mean that it will go longer between feeds, rather your little one will get sick or put on too much weight, so do not be to concerned if your little one does not finish the bottle.

The changes with bottle feeding as your baby grows

Throughout the first week of your baby’s life it will only be able to take in small amounts only, so do try and offer between 30ml and 60ml at each feed. When your little one is about a month old, this is where your baby will want more milk so you would increase it to be between 90ml and 120ml for each feed. So in total for a day they could be consuming from 400-800ml per day. They may want to consume more milk at some of their feeds than others, they could also drink their milk rather quickly, but do rest assured baby will let you know if they do want more.

When baby gets to be between two and six months of age their intake will increase in between 120ml and 180ml at each feed. Therefore over a day they can end up consuming anything from 700ml to over a liter a day. From about 6 months they may want to consume between 180ml and 220ml at each feed. So on average their total formula intake for a day would be around 900ml. What you will also find that it is normal for a baby’s feeding and sleeping pattern to alter as they grow and develop.

How to make baby’s first bottle

It is important that you do always practice good hygiene when preparing and storing formula feeds from powdered formula. Which ever formula that you buy for your little one will tell you exactly how much powder and water you will need to use. You cannot vary from this. If you fail to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines it may increase chances of your baby becoming ill. It is important also that you use freshly boiled tap water which you have allowed to cool down. All feeds should be made from water that is boiled greater than  70ºC this means that you would use the water that has been left to cool for no more than half an hour. Never use water that has been boiled more than once as this will change the mineral content of the water so do always start with a fresh kettle of water. Pour the cooled boiled water into a sterilized bottle, using the measurements that are supplied by the manufacturer add the correct amount of the formula to the bottle. You will find that a scoop has been provided with the formula and it is usually a one level scoop, always use a sterilized knife to level off the formula from the scoop. Put the top back onto the bottle and shake the bottle until the powder has completely dissolved.

Reducing risks to formula milk

A new guideline has been issued by the Department of Health and Food Standard Agency state that the risks associated with using powdered infant formula milk will be reduced if you make a fresh feed for each feed, rather than storing made up formula milk which could increase chances of your baby becoming ill and should be avoided. Whatever your baby does not consume it is better to throw away this left over milk rather than putting it in the fridge. For late night formula feeds a great way to preserve boiled water for a feed is to keep it in a sealed flask and make up fresh formula milk when needed or they could also use a liquid ready to feed formula. The choice is yours with bottle feeding baby. So enjoy giving baby their first bottle of formula!

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