Can I Give My Baby Food Poisoning Through Breast Milk?

Can I give my baby food poisoning through breast milk?Giving your baby food poisoning through breast milk is a concern you might have if you’ve eaten some bad food, since you pass all sorts of good things to your baby through your milk, it makes sense that some of the bad might transfer as well. But luckily it’s not very likely that you’ll do your baby any harm by continuing to breastfeed, and in fact it’s doing them some good.

Food poisoning occurs when food gets contaminated with viruses or bacteria, either through other foods touching them, unsanitary cooking environments, or other means. It’s usually not a major cause of concern, and you can expect it to last for a day or two in many instances. It can worsen, which is why you’ll want to consult with your doctor so that they can give you advice and monitor your condition to make sure that it runs its course as expected.

The great thing about breast milk is that the bacteria responsible for giving you food poisoning won’t make it into it, and quite the opposite, the antibodies that your body is creating to fight the attack will be passed along to your baby, making them healthier and more able to fight diseases. So rather than avoiding breastfeeding at this time, it’s recommended that you do your best to keep a natural feeding cycle as it’s unlikely you will give your baby food poisoning through breast milk.

Can I Give My Baby Food Poisoning Through Breast Milk? Answer: Not Likely

It is possible that your case of food poisoning might escalate, and the bacteria will find its way from your intestinal tract into your bloodstream, at which point you’d want to take the advice of your doctor for a more accurate assessment of the situation. Even if this occurs it is possible to continue to breastfeed your baby while taking certain antibiotics. This just shows how important breast milk is to a baby, and how it really is the perfect food for them even when it might not seem like it.

It’s Still Good for Baby
Your baby will benefit not only from all of the good things that breast milk normally contains, but also from the extra antibodies that you have in your system that are trying to fight the bacteria in question. This can have a long-lasting effect on your baby’s well-being, and is not something you want to deprive them of. That’s why it’s imperative that through all of this you try to treat yourself as good as you can, and try to stay healthy even when you don’t feel well at all.

Stay Hydrated
When you have food poisoning you’re at a severe risk of becoming dehydrated. This is because with all of the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fevers you might be having you probably won’t be too keen on taking in water or other beverages and liquids. says that you should take extra efforts to keep the fluids coming in, even if you don’t feel much like drinking them.

When You’re Just Sick
Other times when you feel sick you may wonder if you can pass on the germs and bacteria that are present in your system through your breast milk. It’s still recommended to breastfeed, although in some instances you may want to pump your breast milk and avoid direct contact with your baby as not to pass on the germs in other ways. At these times you might not feel up to the task, but your baby is still counting on your for nourishment and sustenance, and since you’re really helping them fend off infections and other maladies later, it’s very important to stay on track.

The more research that is done on breastfed babies the more we’re realizing just how much it helps them, and what a perfect food nature has provided for them. Even when we think we can give them food poisoning through breast milk it turns out that the milk remains healthy for them, and is actually made more healthy by the offending bacteria and viruses that are making the mother sick. It adds to the wonder that is breastfeeding and makes it an even more special time for you and your baby.

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