Can I Give My Baby Gerber?

Can I give my baby Gerber?Millions of new moms trust Gerber for their baby’s first foray into foods other than breast milk and formula. But should they be trusted, and what exactly are you giving your baby when you give them Gerber baby food?

Gerber has a fantastic reputation for being the go-to baby food, and they dominate store shelves as far as the choices you have. If they had their way, you’d rely on their products even before your baby is born, and continue on until they’re a toddler and beyond. But you probably no better than to put all of your baby’s food choices in the hands of one company.

They started off innocently enough in 1927 with only a handful of different food options, but very quickly they met with success and were being sold all across America. Now they’re owned by Nestle, so much of their original appeal has been sapped out of it, and it’s simply a tool to make as much money as possible.

Can I Give My Baby Gerber? Answer: Sure, But Better Options Exist

It’s not like you’re doing your baby a huge disservice by giving them Gerber baby food. But you always should ask yourself if what you’re giving your baby is the best thing for them. In many instances you’ll find that while what you’re feeding them isn’t bad for them, it’s not that great either. Why give them something like Gerber, where you’re not really sure about the quality of the ingredients, when you can choose to make your baby food, and then you know what is in it?

The problem that lies with Gerber is not really their fault, but part of the global problem of capitalism at all costs. Nestle has to turn a profit, and to do that they will buy the cheapest possible food that they can get away with, while still producing a baby food that looks, smells, and tastes like it should.

This means that when it comes time to buy peas for their Strained Peas baby food, they will take the peas from the farming conglomerate that asks the least amount for them. And this is across the board with all of the different fruits, vegetables, and meats. It’s standard business practice and is what all of the major food manufactures do.

But just because it’s common practice doesn’t mean you have to accept it for your baby. Demand higher standards from them and always give them the best you can.

What About Gerber Organic Baby Food?
In theory you should be going a step up by paying the premium price for their organic line of baby food, but you still run into the same problem of them being too big for their own good.

Gerber also makes juice which is interesting because many doctors recommend against giving your baby juice, because of the amount of calories and sugar it contains. You are better off not giving your baby juice, Gerber juice or any other kinds, because it can spike their blood sugar levels, and really isn’t the healthiest thing for them.

The Gerber Graduates line also includes Puffs, which are supposed to be bite sized snacks that your baby can pick up as finger foods and chew up and swallow without any trouble. Many parents give their babies snacks like this, either Cheerios or something else that also serves to keep them occupied with the task of putting the snack into their mouth.

But getting your baby used to snacking is not really setting them up for good health later on. You could be establishing the habit of snacking, which will cause them issues later in life as there aren’t a lot of healthy snack options as an adult. This is the time to get them used to three meals a day.

Making Your Own Baby Food
One alternative is to use a blender to blend up fresh baby food. While this does take a lot more time and effort on your part, it’s a way of knowing exactly what’s going into your baby food, and what’s not. It can be a little more expensive as well, but after you have done it for awhile you won’t even notice.

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