Can I Give My Baby Ghee?

Can I give my baby ghee?If you are familiar with Indian cuisine, then you have probably heard of and even more probably used ghee. Despite the exotic name, ghee is nothing but a simple butter, only this butter is water and milk-free. The only ingredient that is left is pure butterfat. When it comes to ghee and cooking, it is safe to say that many cooks are using this butter on a regular basis, as this alternative is actually healthier than the butter we buy in stores.

This is why many cooking enthusiasts rely on ghee to help them prepare healthy meals that are quite delicious. The number of health benefits related to this basic cooking ingredient are many, and we will talk about some of those benefits, as well as give the answer to whether babies should eat ghee or not.

No matter how nutritious or delicious certain foods may be, it is always important to learn something about them, especially if you are cooking for your youngest ones. Babies ought to be introduced to foods gradually, and no radical changes should be made in this department. This means that babies should be given time to familiarize themselves with new textures and tastes. Each bundle of joy should be given new foods as they grow older, and ghee is sure to come up on this list sooner or later.

Can I Give My Baby Ghee? Answer: Yes, In Reasonable Amounts

While some are concerned with whether babies are safe to eat ghee, others are concerned about the effect this ingredient can have on babies’ weight. As it has already been mentioned, it is pure butterfat, so it is only natural to assume and question the dietary aspect of it. Whatever the effect, many people believe ghee is good for babies, and better than other fats.

When baby foods are mentioned, the first thing many people think about is mashed fruits and vegetables. Since they are fighting a real battle having only a few teeth or less, there is no other option but to help the babies and give them mashed fruits and vegetables like bananas. Another thing your baby will surely appreciate is food that is easy to digest. Ghee, the purified butter gaining more and more attention, is easy to digest, which is why many parents are intrigued whether they should give the ingredient to their babies. The answer is yes! Owing to the fact that babies cannot eat foods that are too salty, it is actually advisable to use it to add some flavor to their food. Aside from the flavor, it is also very efficient in providing our little ones with a sufficient number of calories.

Using Ghee to Help Babies Gain Weight
There is no need to say that if your baby has weight problems, you should consult with your doctor and ask them to help you find the healthiest solution in this regard. Your baby should have well-balanced meals, and ghee in large quantities is not the best idea. According to some research, ghee can have a negative impact on health, owing to the fact that it can increase cholesterol levels. This being said, you should be cautious about giving your children ghee, whether they are just babies or toddlers. In the right amounts, ghee can work miracles and give an amazing taste to food, so try to stick to sensible amounts.

When Is the Best Time to Give Babies Ghee?
Many parents start giving their children ghee from the age of 6 months and up. Some decide to take this step a month or two later, but eventually a great number of babies are introduced to ghee from the earliest years. There is no need to emphasize that ghee should be consumed in small amounts, as should all other kinds of food.

The word of advice is this: if you are afraid your baby will develop weight problems, you should consider giving them ghee when they start walking. This way they will be able to burn off all the calories without the risk of gaining excessive weight. If this does not set your soul at ease, then you should focus on fruits and vegetables, and try to create healthy meals from these foods.

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LizO September 4, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Yes! My babe started eating ghee when she was 8 months old, as I make all my own babyfood and would cook meats and veggies in ghee before blending. Now, at 10 months, she eats a (baby)spoonful of ghee whenever I myself indulge in a teaspoon. She LOVES it. She still nurses like a champ too, and since breast milk is mostly fat, I know fats are good for her development, especially as she starts burning more energy to take her first steps! 😀


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