Can I Give My Baby Ginger Ale?

Can I give my baby ginger ale?People drink ginger ale to help their tummies feel better, but is this something that will settle your baby’s stomach, or will it just make matters worse.

Some parents will pretty much give their kids anything and see what happens, and also have no trouble telling other moms that it’s OK. That’s why you should always take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt because you don’t know what their philosophy is as to what’s alright for a baby. You don’t want to put your baby’s well being in the hands of someone else’s half-baked ideas.

That being said, there is some conflicting information out there as to whether you should give your baby ginger ale for an upset stomach. The overriding thought is that it’s not the best thing for them, and there are better alternatives that you should go with instead.

Can I Give My Baby Ginger Ale? Answer: Not Recommended

The problem with ginger ale is that it has to many drawbacks that overshadow any postive effect the ginger might have on their stomach and digestive system. First, there is going to be too much sugar in the ginger ale to make it something that is OK for your baby. Some parents have suggested watering it down, but many of today’s top-selling brands use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which you should not give to your baby in any amount.

Next, anything but water is going to help in dehydrating your baby, which has trickle down effects on their organs, making the digestion process harder and making their bowel movements harder to pass. The only exception to this is rehydrating drinks that are specifically formulated for babies, like Pedialyte. These can be helpful in calming their stomach and getting them back to a more natural state, and are a better alternative to something like ginger ale.

All Natural Would Be Best
If you’re bent on giving them ginger ale, go with an all natural brand that you can get at most health food stores. This will insure that it uses natural cane sugar instead of HFCS and will also include real ginger root and not just artificial flavorings. Even then you should dilute it because it will probably contain too much sugar to give to your baby directly.

But really this isn’t something that is going to help the situation as much as you think. In fact, to give it to them properly you’d have to wait until the ginger ale isn’t fizzy any more, and you can speed this process along by shaking it up and venting out the gas, or stirring as many bubbles out of it as you can before giving it to them. But what is likely to happen is that there will be some residual gas left over that will simply add to their discomfort.

Watch What You and They Eat
If you’re still breastfeeding you have to be careful about what you eat, because you can pass on an upset stomach to your baby by eating the wrong things. If you’ve moved on from breast milk you should be keeping a log of the foods you’re giving them so that you can track anything that could be causing them an upset stomach. This can help you notice any patterns, and allow you to make adjustments to their diet.

Letting It Pass
One option taken by many parents is just letting this pass and not worrying about treating it. Babies know how to deal with an upset stomach, either by having a BM, throwing up, or crying their way through it. It’s often the parents that can’t stand the crying or watching their baby in pain that resort to intervening with things like ginger ale and other things they don’t normally give their baby.

Obviously if the condition worsens or becomes chronic you’ll want to call the doctor and perhaps set up an appointment to see them, but in the vast majority of cases this will blow over in a few hours or less and they’ll be back to normal and will probably be ready to eat again in short order.

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