Can I Give My Baby Gluten?

Can I give my baby gluten?Gluten has gotten a lot of attention lately, and gluten-free diets and diet foods are all the rage. You might wonder if it is something that you should avoid giving to your baby so that they don’t develop a gluten sensitivity, or so they can have a nicely sustained body weight through their life.

But cutting past the hype, it is easy to see that this is really a non-issue for most parents. You probably won’t be giving your baby a lot of gluten foods, if you’re following the recommendations of breastfeeding for as long as you’re able, giving your baby rice cereals and formula, as well as feeding them a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Gluten comes from wheat, and wheat just doesn’t belong in their diet for about the first year.

The food pyramid says that the number one ingredient we should all be having is wheat products, but it’s a pretty ridiculous concoction that has taken a lot of flak over the years and is pretty much disregarded by most nutritionists worth their salt. You definitely wouldn’t want to use it as a basis for what to feed your developing baby, as it would likely lead to several health complications.

Can I Give My Baby Gluten? Answer: Test for Sensitivity After 6 Months

Gluten is not evil for everyone, just those that are sensitive to it, and that can’t process is effectively. Some people are doing gluten-free diets because of all the hype it’s generated, and they’re mostly effective because it cuts out a lot of carbohydrates. You don’t need to put your baby on a gluten-free diet, but you can check to see how they respond to foods that contain gluten.

Celiac Disease
One of the big concerns about introducing gluten containing products to your baby is the development of celiac disease. The common consensus is that you should avoid gluten products for the first six months and then see if your baby can handle them. It’s nothing to get into a panic about, but you should be aware of it, and be aware of the steps to take to prevent it, and the signs so you can identify it.

The Gluten-free Trend
Everyone is always looking for the next big trend in weight loss, and right now gluten is under attack as being a big cause for weight gain and health problems. It’s only natural that new moms would wonder if their baby’s might have a gluten sensitivity, especially if they themselves do. It’s easy enough to test out foods and see how your baby responds. You’ll want to keep track of things like their bowel movements as well as stomach trouble such as indigestion.

Just try not to get caught up in all of the hoopla, because fueling this trend are manufacturers of gluten-free products that want you to buy their food. It’s big business, and the problem has been trumped up as being bigger than it really is in order for people to buy a new line of food products. While there are people out there that have a legitimate sensitivity to it, it is the across-the-board statements that everyone should be eating gluten free that goes too far.

Making Smart Food Choices
Your baby shouldn’t be eating gluten products very much anyway, as you should be starting them out with fruits and vegetables and then later small amounts of lean meats. Since gluten is found in wheat products, you’ll naturally be avoiding it anyway with things like rice cereals and formula. You’d have to go out of your way to give them gluten in their first year, really, and at that time you can easily check to see if they have a negative response to it.

Avoiding the Falling Sky
The thing you want to avoid is getting swept up in the idea that your baby is at some sort of serious risk of developing a gluten sensitivity because of what you feed them. So many parents think that they are always on the verge of doing great harm to their baby by feeding them the wrong thing. Just keep calm and carry on giving your baby nourishing foods that are recommended for their age.

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