Can I Give My Baby Gravy?

Can I give my baby gravy?Gravy seems to work its way into many meals, especially when you make a nice home-cooked meal with mashed potatoes, stuffing, or other goodies that go well with gravy on them. But it is a very rich food, and depending on how you make it can contain a lot of different ingredients. There is also the concern that it could be too salty.

The nice thing about gravy is that you don’t have to worry about it being a choking hazard, unless you like it extra lumpy. There are some concerns that it might be too high in fat, but this really depends on how you make your gravy, or if you buy from the store. If you buy it in a can or jar you can easily check the sodium and fat content to see what you are dealing with. At that point, you can also opt to get organic gravy which will be much better to give your baby then ordinary gravy.

The other thing to consider is that gravy isn’t really going to give your baby a lot of nutritional benefit, so aside from tasting good, it doesn’t really have a place in your baby’s diet. One way to decide what to feed your baby is to give it the litmus test of whether or not it is healthy for them. If it’s not healthy, then they don’t need it, and if they don’t need it, you probably are better off not giving it to them.

Can I Give My Baby Gravy? Answer: Not Recommended Early On

Gravy is one of the foods that you want to hold off on at least until your baby is about toddler age or so. This is because they’ll be more active and they can generate the sort of ability they will need to burn off some of the calories from fat that are included in gravy. It is a heavy food, even if you go with a light version. And it is something that they probably won’t enjoy as much as they think you will, since it will be a stark contrast to the sort of foods they are used to getting.

Fat Concerns
The biggest concern here is the level of fat that is in most gravies. When it comes to fats, babies usually have received most of the fat they need from breast milk, until they are finished breast-feeding, and from there it depends on what sort of diet you have been feeding them. Most likely you are thinking about giving them gravies to go along with some mashed potatoes, but really it’s best to just stick with the potatoes since those are healthy on their own, but pick up a lot of extra fat and calories by adding gravy to them.

Sodium Concerns
Most gravies are loaded with salt, so you have to be careful about giving it to your baby before they are ready for things like that. There are low-sodium gravies available at the store, but if you go that route, you’d be better off just buying an organic gravy that will use sea salt rather than industrial grade salts found in commercially produced cans or jars of gravy.

Homemade or Store Bought
If you are one to make your own gravy from scratch, this is a whole different story altogether. You can tailor the recipe to make it as low-fat as possible, and you can either use sea salt, or make it sodium free by not adding ordinary salt to it. You could even make a special batch just for baby, so the rest of the family can enjoy regular tasting gravy. If you end up buying it from the store, just be sure to pay a little bit extra to buy an organic brand.

The good thing about buying an organic gravy is that even the meat that is used in it will be of organic standards. This means that the animals that were used to create it will have been fed an organic diet, and will be free of growth hormones and antibiotics. Also, the other ingredients in it will all be organically sourced, so you’re getting a much better food for your baby.

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You have forgotten the golden rule, mom instinct will out


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