When Can I Give My Baby a Haircut?

When can I give my baby a haircut?There are certainly “firsts” to everything, and a baby’s first haircut is one of them. A lot of new mothers seem to constantly ask themselves how they can deal with their new babies. Well-intentioned friends and other mothers gladly give advice, though a lot of them can be conflicting.

Finding out for sure which advice is the best would be the next order of the day. Superstitious beliefs and myths regarding a baby’s first haircut and various ideas from different cultures can cast some doubt, too. But most mothers agree that a baby’s first haircut must be when he needs it.

Reasons Why not to Delay a Baby’s First Haircut

A baby with long hair can look messy and disheveled. That can be a primary concern for most mothers, including mistaking her little boy for a little girl. It is also easy to see how babies can get a lot of food and other stuff they can get their hands on transferred to their hair. Longer hair tends to hold more of these. But more than that, long hair can get into a baby’s eyes and can affect their eyesight.

Babies tend to be curious and love focusing on things around them. Having hair in their eyes affects the way thye see and could develop into more serious eye problems later on. There is also a problem of static electricity occurring in longer hair. A baby could be very uneasy when that happens. Because of all these reasons, cutting a baby’s hair for the first time should be done when it is needed.

Tips to Get through Baby’s First Haircut

Be Calm. It is a normal reaction for a new mother to get stressed out when a baby gets his first haircut. Whether the mother does it herself, or brings the baby to a salon, the feeling is the same. Relax. When you send out calm feelings, your baby absorbs that. Playing music in the background can do a lot in calming both mother and baby. The atmosphere is easy and the haircut will be more enjoyable.

Prepare the Tools. If you are cutting your baby’s hair for the first time, you must have everything ready and within arm’s reach. That way, you can concentrate on your baby’s hair and simply reach out for what you need quickly, and work more efficiently as a result. There are several items you will need, so make sure that they are all there before cutting your baby’s hair. These will include your sharp pair of scissors, clippers for thicker hair, and a towel. Babies may feel uncomfortable when a towel is placed around them, so some mothers prefer to have them wear smocks.

Provide Distractions. Babies can get fidgety when they are made to stay in one place for a period of time. They will cooperate if they are given items that interest them. A favorite toy, along with a tasty snack that you know they love will do wonders with keeping them still. That achieved, you can snip away with no complaints.

Stay Comfortable. Both mother and baby must be comfortable, in a position where cutting the baby’s hair becomes much easier. Some mothers wait until their babies are asleep, and snip their hair gently while they snooze. If the babies are wide awake, they can be seated on a high chair. This would keep them from wriggling while his hair is being cut.

Keep a Record of This “First.” Mothers are sentimental creatures, especially when it comes to their babies. You can ask someone to take videos and photographs of your baby’s first haircut while you are at it. It is a very nice keepsake and your babies will be able to see how it was, when they are all grown up.

A baby’s first haircut does not have to be something to worry about. Mistakes may happen while you cut their hair, but hair grows back, quickly when it is a child. There is no reason why they cannot have their first haircut sooner than most, if you see that they need it. This all really depends on the mother’s discretion, as with every other thing that her baby needs.

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