Help! I Can’t Poo Review

Guide To Infant And Child Constipation Review

Help I cant poo review infant and child constipationSometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you need to do for infant and child constipation. You can ask friends and family or try going to Google and searching online when your infant or toddler is constipated… Goodness knows I’ve seen and read a lot about trying to help my baby and his constipation.

It is clearer if somebody actually puts all the information in one spot and tells you, right? Because of this, I found this book worked really well for providing me with information on infant constipation.

Because I found that this helped me, I thought you might like to know about it.

The site is called “Get Rid Of Baby Constipation” and it’s by a registered nurse and nutritionist, Donna Stark.

Below is my short review of her book. Here are the criteria I use for my reviews in general, and for Help! I Can’t Poo! A Guide To Infant and Child Constipation:

  1. The book must be realistic – it’s no good telling me to get the leaves of the rarest herb at midnight on a full moon. I wanted to read about why my baby was constipated and how I could help him.
  2. There should be many reviews from many happy people – is the book worth reading? Is Donna some marketer out to make a fast buck or does she actually want to help?
  3. Does the product cover the aspects of constipation:
    1. why your baby is constipated?
    2. how to help your infant?
    3. how to prevent it coming back?
  4. Must offer a “no questions asked” 100% money back guarantee. This shows the author absolutely believes in her book and also believes that you’ll be satisfied.
  5. Ease of use – can i download it instantly? Is it easy to navigate and use?

Using the above criteria, I’ve been very impressed with Donna Stark’s book, “Help I can’t Poo“.

The actual book is excellent and full of information; it gives me the reasons why my child may be constipated – it covers so many topics and educated me on possible reasons for constipation I had not even thought of. It’s only 51 pages long (including the references so in actual fact it’s a quick and handy read) but the information in the book is useful and concise.

The book goes in depth as to the role of the liver and immune function  and the links to the bowel. It’s not about giving my baby prune juice and solving the issue – its much more complex but the good news is that anything diet related can be solved and this book empowers you with HOW to do that.

You will understand the fundamentals of constipation in less than ten minutes. You’ll be empowered to change your infant’s bowel movements, possibly by tomorrow.

What problems does this book solve in regards to infant and child constipation?

Well… not having to scroll through the internet to look for infant constipation remedies for a start 🙂

But the main things that I found solutions to are:

  • The different sorts of fiber and why just vegetables is not enough to keep your toddler’s bills
  • Why bed wetting might be linked to constipation
  • The importance of digestive enzymes
  • Which foods can cause gas, bloating and discomfort to my infant
  • Natural ways to treat constipation
  • How to prevent it coming back
  • What’s the primary reason that infants get constipated and how you can fix this

What exactly will you get in this e-book on infant and child constipation?

You get a 51 page e-book on infant and child constipation as well as a few “bonus offers”. The book covers the why and how of constipation as well as how to prevent and reduce it coming back. It’s useful and it’s informative. There is a bonus recipe book written by Donna which has useful tips on feeding children who have a food intolerance. Its 22 pages and has some tasty recipes that I gave to my older children and they loved them. It’s not Jamie Oliver, but its a nice bonus for ideas when your kids are rejecting your meals and you’re at your wits end.

You also get a recording of an interview with a naturopath – to be honest I haven’t listened to it yet. Between Peppa Pig and changing nappies I haven’t had a chance. Another bonus is the children’s entertainment pack … it’s a coloring book for toddlers and older children. Not entirely sure if they are meant to color while trying to pass a stool but I gave printing those off a miss.

The bonuses are a little amateurish – you get the impression that Donna has written this guide to help people and then added bonuses because that’s what you do. She isn’t an internet marketer – it’s refreshing to see quality material and one of the reasons I recommend this e-book.

What I Didn’t Like …

The presentation of the book is boring. I know!! I’m being petty but it’s the only thing I didn’t like … the actual quality of the information is fantastic, but it reads a little like a text book.

I was expecting fancy word bubbles and dot points I could download and skim over on my i-pad while I stirred the spaghetti but it was more informative than that. Once everyone was in bed I took some time and read it properly and I was so very glad I did. It does read a little like a text book, but the headings are very clear and it’s easy to find the information you may be worried about, for example I breastfeed and my baby is constipated so I didn’t have to read about formula and constipation to find what I needed.

Who is this for / not for?

This book is for the average Mom who wants to learn more about constipation and how to ease your little one’s discomfort. It’s useful if you’re ready to read up on more detailed reasons for constipation and how to resolve them – not if you’re after a colorful mini book that only has quick solutions like laxatives.

This e-book DOES offer a money back guarantee –  up until 60 days. If you don’t like what you’re getting from the book, you can just send them a quick email and they’ll send you your money back. It’s on Click bank too, so you don’t need to worry that its a scam.

If you’re after a handy one page guide, check out my handy checklist on infant constipation – its free and you can download it HERE

Exactly how to get the book:

All you have to do to get the course is go through the link below, then scroll down to a button that says “Click Here To Order Now” (There are a few of these buttons on the page) and you can get instant access.

Click here to get access to instant constipation answers

After that, you’ll be forwarded to a secure form (which says ‘Click bank Marketplace’ on it) to order and pay for your copy of the book. You will be sent to a download page with the e-book and the bonuses and you’ll also get an email with a link. If you have any trouble you can email Donna and she will help you out. It’s all very straightforward and easy to use.

I hope you like it as much as I do and have as much success dealing with your little one’s constipation. It worked for me, and so I have chosen to promote the information on my blog. A point to note is that if you do buy from my site, I receive a small commission from your product.

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VK December 21, 2014 at 10:05 am

Megacolon/hirschsprung disease is a congenital condition and certainly not caused by constipation. It causes constipation. Donna’s comment in response to the poor mother’s question as to whether or not she could have prevented her child’s death (on her promotional website for the book) is judgemental, uneducated and irresponsible; all in a pathetic attemp to create paranoia and sell your book. She should be ashamed of yourself. I would hope that she remove that comment and apologise to the mother who wrote to her.
I’m writing to you because her contact page doesn’t work.


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